Perhaps the most inappropriately named organization in the world is the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU. The organization is anything but civil and its only interest in liberty seems to be in destroying the foundation upon which it is built. As I observe its well-funded legal bullying, I find it difficult to discern the organization’s real goal. Is the ACLU trying to destroy Christianity or just America? From the lawsuits the organization files and the threats it makes to intimidate those who cannot afford lawsuits, it is difficult to determine which the ACLU loathes more: the Bible or the Constitution. Of course, there is always the possibility that the ACLU wants to destroy both and that by destroying one it can destroy the other.

In their book The ACLU vs. America, Alan Sears and Craig Osten summarize the agenda of this bastion of the radical left. What follows are just selected examples of the ACLU’s broader agenda as summarized by Sears and Osten:

  • Remove all legal bans on the distribution of obscene material. If the ACLU has its way, there will be no prohibitions against any kind of obscenity or pornography including child pornography. How this will improve American society is difficult to imagine, but then improving American society does not appear to be high on the ACLU’s list of priorities.
  • Allow pornography stores to locate anywhere. If the ACLU has its way, outlets that peddle smut will be able to locate next door to churches, schools, childcare centers, and your home. Once again, it is difficult to understand how removing the restrictions on where smut shops can locate will improve America. On the other hand, if undermining America’s moral foundation is the goal this is a perfectly understandable—though loathsome—strategy.
  • Ban public libraries from restricting access to pornography on the Internet. If the ACLU has its way, even children will be allowed unrestricted access to Internet pornography. According to the ACLU, tax-supported entities such as public libraries have no right to tell tax payers what they can and cannot do, even if the “tax payers” in question are children who are still years away from paying taxes. Common sense suggests that if the ACLU is really concerned about what is best for American taxpayers, the organization would simply submit to the will of the people as demonstrated at the ballot box. American taxpayers would without question vote against the bans on public libraries. Knowing this the ACLU uses the judiciary as its weapon of choice rather than the ballot box. Overturning in court was has been determined at the ballot box is one of the favorite pastimes of ACLU lawyers.
  • Ban parents from shielding their children from pornography. If the ACLU has its way, the state will have ultimate authority over children. Actually the state has already achieved that dubious status. If you don’t believe me, give your child a spanking in public and see what happens. But the ACLU is not satisfied with this level of government intrusion into the American family. If the ACLU has its way, parents will be relegated to a secondary role in which children can decide for themselves if they want to watch pornography. If a child chooses, over his parent’s objections, to engage in viewing obscene material, the parent—according to the ACLU—should have no recourse. The ACLU understands that the intact family is a threat to its nefarious amoral agenda. Consequently, the family must be destroyed as a social institution. Take away parental authority over children and the destruction of the family will follow.
  • Remove the military’s authority to enforce even the most basic code of conduct. If the ACLU has its way, rather than saluting superior officers, military personnel can tell them to jump in a lake or worse. The military is built on discipline and discipline is anathema to the ACLU. Consequently, removing the military’s authority to instill and maintain discipline among the troops is a high priority for the ACLU. How the military can carry out its mission without discipline is a mystery, but then the ACLU apparently does not concern itself with the consequences of its lawsuits. If the organization gets its way, disrespectful behavior will be more than just permitted—its allowance will be codified in law. In other words, if the ACLU wins applying any form of discipline will be illegal in the military. If this happens, we will have no military.

These are just a few of the items on the ACLU’s list of priorities. There are more, and they don’t get better. The ACLU portrays itself as an objective defender of freedom, but its actions belie its words as well as its misleading public-relations tactics. This is why the organization views the courts rather than the electorate as its principle vehicle for change. If Americans were fully informed of the nefarious actions of the ACLU, they would revolt. This is likely why the liberal mainstream media tends to downplay or even ignore the actions of the ACLU. The ACLU functions more effectively when the public is kept in the dark.