The GOP Establishment candidate is…?

That’s a question that has divided Republicans during this primary season,with charges meeting levied counter-charges,allegations meeting recriminations. Whatever an Establishment Republican is,during the Tea Party’s first primary no one wants to claim the mantle. The denials have become so heated some have claimed there is no establishment;it’s all a fevered dream of talk show hosts and demagogues. Unfortunately,the establishment is real,active,and suicidal,willing to throw the next presidential election in order to maintain control of “its”party.

There’s a reason every GOP ticket for 20 years had a Bush or a Dole on it. (And then we got McCain.) Yes,Virginia,there is a Republican establishment,and it’s increasingly out of touch,not just with America,but with its own membership.

Two candidates absolutely frighten the GOP Establishment:Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. Whenever their names are uttered,they invariably precede the words “can’t win.”Michele Bachmann “can’t win,”although she won the only 2012 primary election held to date in Iowa. Ron Paul “can’t win,”although he appears poised to win the next one. “They can’t win”means,“We don’t want them to win.”

In fact,two GOP strategists,Ford O’Connell and Matt Mackowiak,wrote an article for Thursday’s Daily Caller entitled,“Ron Paul Can’t Be Allowed to Win Iowa.” (Allowed?) In a none-too-veiled threat to Iowa’s GOP voters,they write,“Helping Paul win a victory in Iowa will not only be a wasted vote,but it will likely challenge the party’s wisdom of permitting the Hawkeye State to hold the first nominating contest in the future.”Not to be outdone,National Review editor Rich Lowry wrote,“Iowa caucus-goers are protective of their preeminent place in the nominating process. If they deliver victory to a history-making Ron Paul,no one should take them as seriously again.”

Translation:give us an insider at all costs, or else.

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