The United Nations has been a monumental failure from its inception. The concept itself makes no sense to anyone other than star-crossed liberals who choose to ignore how human nature and, hence, the world works. The United Nations is one of those concepts that appeals in theory but does not work in reality. It is based on the patently discredited theory that the countries of the world will put aside nationalistic self-interest and work together for the common good of mankind. If only this could be. If liberals who support the United Nations were better students of human nature they would know that nations, like people, rarely put aside self-interest in favor of the common good.

Historically, the United Nations has done little more than give weak-kneed leaders of sovereign nations an out when they lack the backbone to make hard decisions. Instead of facing up to their responsibilities and doing what is right, these spineless leaders turn to the United Nations and ask this powerless body to intervene. But United Nations intervention rarely serves any positive purpose, and often makes matters worse.

The United Nations has always been a liberal pipe dream that makes no sense, but it makes even less sense now that we have entered the age of global terrorism. It has gone from being an organization that does little of substance to make the world a better or safer place, to being a fox-in-the-henhouse organization that gives its anti-American members unfettered access to America, all the while granting them diplomatic immunity. Giving so-called diplomats from nations that are committed to America’s destruction protected access to our country is an absurd notion. The case of Richard Falk—the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian territories—illustrates why. In the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing, while the citizens of Boston and the families of the victims were beginning the painful process of putting their lives back together, Falk used his United Nations position as a platform to claim that the bombings gave Bostonians just what they deserved.

In a mindless column published online by, the UN’s so-called human rights expert labeled the response of Boston police to the Marathon Bombing a “hysterical dragnet.” He also called those killed by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother “canaries” who “have to die: to atone for America’s “fantasy of global domination.” I wonder what Falk thinks of the human rights of the citizens of Boston and the runners, family members, and spectators who were killed and injured by the Tsarnaev brothers’ bombs.

Calling the terrorist attack on Boston justifiable “resistance,” Falk claimed that “The American domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world.” Last time I looked America had no colonies and never has had any. In fact, a major bone of contention between President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II was FDR’s reluctance to pursue the war in ways that would preserve Britain’s far-flung colonial system in the post-war world. Before calling America a colonial power bent on world domination, Richard Falk might have studied how our country handled post-World War II Europe and the unprecedented rebuilding that was enabled by the Marshall Plan. I don’t think German or France consider themselves American colonies, but they could and would have been if the United States had wanted to be a colonial power.

Falk has long used his United Nation’s position as a bully pulpit for anti-Semitism. His views reflect those of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that recently refused to endorse any definition of terrorism that did not contain an exception clause for what it calls “legitimate struggle.” As we know from Falk’s frequent anti-American diatribes, any attack against the United States or Israel would be considered by the OIC (and Falk) as a “legitimate struggle.” Hence, the United Nations has gone from being an expensive do-nothing organization financed primarily by the United States and housed on American soil to being a launching pad for terrorism housed on American soil. I believe it is time to kick the fox out of the henhouse. It is time to close down the United Nations and send its members packing. This won’t stop them from fomenting global terrorism, but it will stop them from doing it on our soil and on our tab.