Two Virginians were nearly beheaded by a man shouting “Allah Akbar”.

A terrifying attack in Roanoke, Virginia over the weekend has garnered the attention of the FBI, who is investigating possible ISIS-ties.

During the attack, two Virginians were injured when a 20 year old male attempted to behead them after shouting “Allah Akbar”.  Despite eyewitness accounts of the man’s exact behavior, the FBI have been reluctant to label this as a case of terrorism.

“Wasil Farooqui, 20, was charged with two counts of aggravated malicious wounding in the stabbing attack Saturday that left two people wounded.

“The FBI confirmed to Fox News it is investigating the dual stabbing alongside the Roanoke County Police Department. A source familiar with the case also told Fox News the FBI is investigating the attack as a possible terrorism-related incident.

“According to ABC News, Farooqui had traveled to Turkey in the last year and may have tried to sneak into Syria to meet with ISIS militants.

“Farooqui allegedly attacked a man and woman at an apartment complex in Roanoke, according to WDBJ-7. Both victims were seriously injured in the attack. Witnesses told authorities that Farooqi was yelling ‘Allah Akbar.’”

The hesitation by the FBI to label Farooqui’s crime as terrorism is alarming, but not out of step for an organization working under the Obama administration.  The lame duck president has been quick to admonish those who use phrases such as “radical Islam” for fear of offending the terrorists.

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