With every new choreographed atrocity committed by ISIS or other Mohammed-emulating murderers carrying out the dictates of Islamic scriptures, Obama mumbles a few meaningless bromides for the cameras, proclaims the savages to be misunderstood, then promptly jives off for yet more rounds of golfing, fundraising, and hip-hop media appearances, strategy sessions with Sharpton and CAIR, or plotting his basketball brackets.

He just doesn’t give a rip about doing his actual primary job, and he utterly refuses to acknowledge or aggressively confront the nature of the glaring threat itself.

Obama made the deliberate choice to just abandon all the excruciatingly difficult and costly work, unfathomable sacrifices, and amazing successes that our personnel and allies achieved over many years to liberate and stabilize Iraq. Against the pleas and stern warnings of the competent generals he shoved aside, Obama disdainfully ditched the status-of-forces negotiation process with the new Iraqi government, so he could fulfill his leftist democrat dream of simply buggering-out.

A realistic status-of-forces situation would have protected the population and preserved the hard-won peace in that region. Obama is responsible for leaving the power-vacuum into which ISIS eagerly rushed.

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