At the Counter Violent Extremism Summit Obama told moderate Islamic Imams, they were too “dull” to compete with the new Flamboyant ISIL.

From the beginning of time human’s attention span has easily been diverted onto the next new flashy thing. Initial curiosity lures and explains the fascination millennials have in cyber space with ISIS but being bred on violent amusement games and movies creates a bond of similar interest for ISIS to target them on line.

Imam Mohamed Magid of a Northern Virginia Mosque and former President of the Islamic Society of North America has tips for parents on the subject of Internet safety in his workshop.

“ISIS starts offering [recruits] their narrative that the Muslim world is being humiliated and see all the suffering. Come we’ll give you a sense of purpose, join us, we’ll make you a great hero,” Magid said.

“The nature of a cult is justification and ISIS is very savvy in the Internet,” says Magid. “They see the traffic, of who’s coming to watch and during that time is when they catch the young person when he shows (curiosity).” Monitor all children when they’re online and tell them why you’re observing.

Magid believes the biggest obstacle for young Muslims and non-Muslims is isolation. ISIS [detaches] the person from their family saying, don’t listen to your parents or your Imam they have only bad advice for you; they’re not good people. Then they become a cult where they are completely cut-off from any possibilities of reason to counter the narrative. His mission is trying to counter ISIS recruiters.

In Feb, the White House hosted a Summit on Countering Violent Extremism to highlight domestic and international efforts to prevent violent extremists and their supporters from radicalizing, recruiting or inspiring individual groups in the U.S. and abroad to commit acts of violence; efforts made more imperative in light of recent attacks in France and throughout the world.

Obama addressed a group of attendees, “The older people here, as wise and respected as you may be, your stuff is “boring” compared to what ISIL is doing. You’re not connected and as a consequence, you are not connecting to them.”

He was referring to their old ways of thinking by their lack of using social media.

U.S. estimates to date more than 20,000 foreign fighters have flocked to Iraq and Syria to fight in radical groups from more than 100 different countries.

The New York Times ran an article saying ISIS generates 90,000 tweets a day. An expert on terrorists’ use of social media, Mr. J.M. Berger of the Brookings Institute said, “My best estimate is something over 200,000 tweets a day.” A tweet could be a few benign words to inspire allegiance to Islam or have an attached picture of a freshly severed head held up by the hands of a child. ISIS has filled up their twitter page with lurid bloody murders and backed it by a verse of justification from the Quran.

Compare the internet sensationalism YouTube video beheading 21 Coptic Christians to the old drab description of a religion of peace and tolerance and you’ll see what Obama was talking about. Raw and shocking new marketing videos of human evisceration trumps peace and tolerance any day.

According to President Obama, “The high quality videos, the on-line magazines, the use of social media and terrorists twitter accounts, are all designed to target the young people on line in cyber space.”

It’s not having better quality videos moving the young to watch, its ISIS startling message in them that grabs their focus. ISIS puts out a very professional magazine DABIQ, an effective propaganda network evangelizing and recruiting 1,000’s of young men and women through videos all over the world.

ISIS reports and DABIQ speaks, it reveals how ISIS frames and justifies its activities to particular audiences, especially the young and impressionable. ISIS wants to be seen as the jihadi group that will lead the Muslim community into worldwide domination. ISIS has a vision for how the caliphate will form and it was expressed in the first DABIQ issue July 2014 in English. Providing battlefield updates, admin reports and religious commentary. Their main effort of this outreach campaign appears to be the explanation for the caliphate’s propriety and existence.

DABIQ states that ISIS is looking not only to nearby areas for support but is undertaking a global outreach strategy and recruitment to build its State. This is evidenced by the sophisticated and production value of the magazine employing an excellent outreach dept. which Obama mentioned.

ISIS is marketed as a ruthless barbaric Islamic religious offshoot whose purpose ends in conquest, right out of the pages of a medieval Quran. It stirs some kind of primal evil deep inside young rebels captivating them to keep watching the videos.

Islam’s religion is a satanic dogma of prideful revenge of a profoundly confident people with a fiery rage in its disciples catapulting that wrath to new heights instilling enormous fear in all who behold them.

Do not under-estimate the deceptive wiles of ISIS. The battlefield starts in the innocent mind but their lies are bondage to the naive believer, convert or die. Being adamant to draft our young into their fiendish regime or execute them is a “Demonic Strategy” for their salvation in paradise and prods them on to enlist more converts for Allah.

Secretary Kerry urges old Imams to counter this tyranny and aggressive thinking and messaging. He said, “We’re looking at whatever it takes, history shows it doesn’t stop on its own. We’re considering various ways, including Global Counter terrorism Forum’s new Foreign Fighters Working Group watch list tools. They launch initiatives to rehabilitate and reintegrate foreign fighters; more peace talks, community service (Jobs), better screening travelers at airports and better twittering.” It almost appears Secy. Kerry and Obama want ISIS to have the upper hand enticing our young to join their militia. The Summit message solution was a lot of Big counter talk but carried a Little stick in any real strategy to defeating this evil menace.

DABIQ states ISIS will focus on its own progress in order to attract more followers through religious justification and to continue making military gains. Action precedes authority in ISIS philosophy. They have no desire to comply with old Imam’s revamped tired message of peace when ISIS electrifying feats of coercion and fear is working and their victories are garnering them international attention, adding trainees and conquering land for their visionary world Caliphate.

DABIQ says ISIS is a “state actor” with physical presence, governance capabilities and global appeal.

Obama said at the summit, “Young people are not tapped for (hate) it doesn’t come naturally to them; we (adults) have to teach them.” Obama must have been referring to al-Qaida multi-generational (youth) training program in jihad tactics in their INSPIRE magazine JIHADOLOGY complete with (hate teachings) of Jews and the West.

We all know Imam’s peace talks and jobs for jihads fall on deaf ears and are a useless defense to stopping ISIS and their vengeance in taking a World Caliphate. It can’t be countered by one insincere summit by Obama. ISIS is opposing them all fiercely and victoriously with a highly popular magazine, DABIQ, a tool conflicting with peace and tolerance used specifically for effective propaganda of recruitment for Violent Extremist Terrorism.