In light of the “honor killings” trial that is making front-page headlines in Canada, a pro-family leader is calling on the government to take a good, hard look at who it allows into the country.

Three Afghan immigrants — a father, a mother, and a son — are standing trial for the June 2009 murder of three daughters and the father’s first wife. The suspects claim the deaths were an accident, but authorities believe the three daughters were victims of an honor killing plot because the Islamic family disapproved of their conduct, particularly the dating habits of the two oldest sisters.

Brian Rushfeldt, executive director of Canada Family Action (CFA), warns that the issue could soon become a widespread problem.

“What concerns me is we’ve got people immigrating to Canada, but they want to bring their own values and their own beliefs here and live in a country that promises them a lot, but they don’t want to live by the law nor the values of the nation that they’re coming to,” he notes. “And somehow, our immigration department has to put a stop to that.”

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