A few weeks ago there was a meeting of Al Qaeda leaders in Yemen, the largest gathering of reprobates we’ve seen in recent years. Most of the leader’s faces were blurred out in the video for the Media reports. Al Qaeda’s new second- in- command man, Nasir al-Wuhayshi showed his face and spoke out boldly. He told the others, “We must eliminate the Cross! The bearer of the Cross is America!” In other words they must eliminate American Christians, you and me who honor the cross.
The physical kingdom is very inept unless it’s linked to the super-natural. The foolish flesh of (Al Qaeda) thinks by eliminating a physical cross they are eradicating the spiritual blessing to the cross bearer, which is ludicrous; yet in fear they still tear down the cross of churches they attack. Unlike us they don’t operate in the spiritual realm which is necessary to understanding why bearers would die before relinquishing the power of the cross to fleshly constraints.
There is no room for the cross in Islam, a compulsion religion of jihad without redemption, salvation or resurrection. Faith can only be born out of the soul not the body. Whoever would lead someone to faith needs the ability to speak well and to reason properly, without violence and threats. Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul.
Pope Benedict XVI in a speech in Germany in 2006 Sept. got himself in trouble by quoting a 17th century emperor, Manuel II Paleologus, dialogue with an Iranian scholar. The emperor said, “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”
This infuriated the Muslims being called violent so much that they called for the killing of the Pope. Seven churches were attacked and bombed in the West Bank and Gaza and one in Basra in Iraq. Ironically, prompting this headline: “The Pope implies Islam is a violent religion and Muslims bomb churches.” (@the Red State blog).
The Muslim’s goal to prohibit criticism of Islam is to impose Sharia law on the West. Should we accept this tenet of Islamic law? Surely more will follow, the emperor was aware of this in the (14th century) and I see no divergence in their attitude or actions evident in this recent Al Qaeda video speech.
This does not mean we should be complacent believing their lies of tolerance while the Muslim terrorists are conquering city after city across the Middle East, slaughtering Christians, bombing churches and kidnaping young girls, while building their sacred caliphate. Here are a few examples of recent cities that have implemented Sharia law and the demands on the Christians they subjugate.
This past year the Syrian town of Raqqa, 220,000 was the first provincial capital to be completely under rebel control. Jihadists have demanded of Christians in the city of Raqqa a directive, in return for protection. “The directive” by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, (ISIS) is evidence that the group wants to establish a state in Syria founded on radical Islamist principles.
It says, “Christians must not make renovations to churches, display crosses or other religious symbols outside churches, ring the church bells or pray in public. Christians cannot carry arms or own weapons and must not sell pork or wine to Muslims or drink wine in public.
The statement went on to say to Christian representatives they were being offered three choices. They could convert to Islam, accept ISIS conditions, or reject their control and risk being killed. If they reject the above rules they are subject to being “legitimate targets” and nothing will remain between ISIS and them other than the sword,” the statement said.
Lastly, it demanded a Jizya tax  from Christians of pure gold, around half an ounce (14g) for protection, this is a concept of “dhimma”, which is for governing non-Muslims living under Islamic rule. ISIS said a group of 20 Christian leaders chose to accept the new set of rules. This was posted on Twitter Feb 22, 2014 by a self-described ISIS supporter. The text matched a statement distributed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which condemned it.  Source: Haaretz.
March 2014, Al Qaeda Iraq captures Syrian Christian town on Turkey border killing 80. Kassab villages are Armenian Christians and their value is their location near the Turkish border. Rebel factions that control border crossings are not only smuggling in arms for themselves but are also demanding a cut when other factions use the crossings. Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) has gotten Christian minorities to pay a Jizya tax for their protection in Kassab too.
Strict Sharia law has gone into effect May 1, 2014 in Brunei, a small state situated on Borneo Island off Southeast Asia. Sultan Hassanal Bolkeah says phase 1.) “Introduce fines or jail time for offenses of indecent behavior, failure to attend Fri. prayers, out-of-wedlock pregnancies. 2.) Covers crime of theft and robbery with stringent penalties (severing of limbs and flogging). 3.) Death by stoning for offenses of sodomy and adultery will be introduced in 2015.”
“It’s a return to medieval punishment” said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director for Human Rights Watch. “It’s a huge step back for human rights and totally out of step with the 21st century.” Clarion project.
Last November at the memorial Church of the Reformation in Germany a concert was held that was billed as an inter-faith event, to bring Christians and Muslims together. During the concert an Imam was asked to give the Muslim call to prayer. When he began the call Heidi Mund, now known around the world as, “the brave German woman” stood up from the balcony of the Cathedral and cried out, “Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany, I break this curse!”
Then she spoke the words of Martin Luther in whose memory the beautiful church had been built, “here I stand, I can do no other.” Luther on trial for heresy said, “I am bound by the scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything.” Then he said “here I stand I can do no other.”
A concert goer said to her, “this is a concert of peace.” To which she replied back, “No it’s not! Allahu Akbar is what Muslims scream while murdering people. Don’t be fooled, don’t be fooled! This is a lie!” She is right; Muslims use political correctness to their advantage but never embrace it for themselves. None the less she was escorted out. The Imam finished his prayer and she is receiving death threats.
Most assuredly we who know Him can stand on His promises just like Heidi Mund did. 2 Timothy 1:8 tells us… Do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord.
In Jerusalem on the Temple mount is an open area of land (not the mosque) controlled by Muslims who have no tolerance for any other religion to pray or even carry a Bible there. Just closing your eyes and bowing your head will get you arrested or escorted out of the area.
Our Churches should be as strict and never succumb to allowing a heathen into our most precious and holy sanctuary to defile it with unholy gibberish against us and our God. We have the treasure of Jesus and we certainly can share “the word “but we should never throw our pearls before swine. How many Muslim Imam’s invite Christians into their mosque and allow them a call for prayer to our Lord Jesus?  No Christian would ever be allowed to pray the name Jesus in a mosque, and neither should a Christian church allow an Imam to present an Islamic call to prayer, never.
Islam doesn’t fit in with Western civilization’s view of tolerance. They know as evidenced in the video warning, our strength comes from our belief in the cross. This insight is something that Europe is just beginning to realize and America has yet to figure out. Islam’s propensity to live by the power of the sword can only be vanquished by the power of the Christian’s living under the cross.