So what’s the next step now that, thanks in part to President Obama’s encouragement and support, the Egyptian people at last have “democracy”?

Why, tearing down the pyramids, of course.

According to FrontPage Magazine, translations of Arabic news sources indicate that several Muslim clerics are calling for Egypt’s new President Muhammad Morsi to destroy the pyramids, which have stood for thousands of years.

Bahrain’s Sheikh Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud reportedly called on Morsi to “destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what the Sahabi Amr bin al-As could not.” He was referring to the Prophet Mohammed’s companion Amr bin al-As, who led an invading army into Egypt in 641 A.D.

Under his leadership, many of Egypt’s relics and monuments were destroyed. Allegedly, early Muslim writers claimed even the Library of Alexandria was burned during al-As’ regime, although that is disputed by many historians.

Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i has referred to the pyramids as “symbols of paganism,” and Egypt’s Salafi party has long wanted to cover them with wax as a way of hiding them.

Now, thanks to modern technology, the Islamists finally have the capability to destroy the pyramids, al-Mahmoud points out.

It’s in keeping with the Islamist doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood that has taken over Egypt.

According to various news sources, White House officials have met repeatedly with Muslim Brotherhood envoys, and President Obama reportedly gave the group $1.5 billion in assistance without the approval of Congress, contributing to Morsi’s election.

Islamic propaganda about preserving knowledge during the Middle Ages notwithstanding, Muslims have a long history of trying to erase the past, starting with the Kaba in Mecca, which was originally a pagan temple. The Muslims of the time were a new and strange cult that did not yet have a sense of identity beyond being soldiers for Mohammed, so their prophet co-opted the centuries-old shrine and turned it into a mosque with a false legendary history.

Throughout their conquests, Muslims have always followed the same pattern. Just as defeated enemies are given the choice to convert to Islam or die, any buildings, plunder or artifacts that cannot be converted to Islam’s purposes are destroyed.

Just in the past few decades, Muslims have destroyed churches in Cyprus, destroyed non-Islamic artifacts found in Mecca, sacked the Tomb of Joseph, destroyed the world-famous statue of the Bamiyan Buddha, pillaged Iraqi museums and libraries in 2003, destroyed a historic Malaysian Hindu temple and destroyed L’Institut d’Egypte. Just this past Tuesday, Muslims began destroying historic tombs in Timbuktu that had been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.

And those are just some of the most infamous recent incidents. Countless other churches, synagogues, temples, museums and cultural sites or relics have disappeared in recent years without press coverage or official record, particularly during the so-called Arab Spring that the media seem to think has brought enlightenment and democracy to a feudal society.

The list of cultural touchstones destroyed or stolen by Muslims since the dawn of their religion would have to be miles long, beginning with the Jewish and Christian lands of the ancient Middle East.

The Koran itself is written on a foundation of repurposed Jewish and Christian scriptures with the apparent intent to create for Muslims a history extending back to Abraham.

Typically, the leaders of the non-Muslim world do nothing to stop this vandalizing of the past, probably for fear of being labeled Islamophobic or creating a more dangerous international incident.

But if this proposal to destroy the pyramids moves ahead, the world must do whatever is necessary to stop this fanaticism. The pyramids and other sites in Egypt are vital links to the ancient past of all humanity, and they still have much to teach us about where we come from.

To allow them to be destroyed should be counted among the most infamous crimes of history, and thanks to our president’s involvement in bringing these Muslim Brotherhood madmen to power, the guilt would be one memory that would be nearly impossible to erase.