It is of great irony that the Left, with all its chest-thumping concerning the ills of discrimination, is deeply prejudicial toward the state of Israel, and its people.

In its Jew-hatred, it joins an esteemed membership list, past and present, including Islamists and Nazis. In fact, it can well be said that the cultural and political left are responsible for the recalibration of anti-Semitism. This new breed, none less discriminatory, rather than focus its efforts on the individual, directs itself at the state of Israel.

The Left do not uphold the right of Israel to exist. Nor its right to defend itself, it would appear.  But these statements would not do justice to their true position: the truth is they will settle at nothing less than the destruction of the state of Israel.

Such is their desire for this objective, they align and support the Islamic enemies of Israel, despite violent incompatibility with the cultural values of these enemies. They are prepared to prostitute themselves to meet their aim and to speak a common language of anti-Semitism. It matters not one jot that those whose hands they link with seek the destruction of their own Western nations.

It matters only to them that they are offended by the Jewish fusion of religion and nationality, preferring vacuous secularism and universalism.

The social, economic and industry success of Israel is further fuel, for the ideology whose currency is envy. The Left’s efforts with the BDS campaign, reaching as far as Australia (hyperlink BDS to Australia- , signifies their intention to injure Israeli business.

Terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas, in concert with the leftist mainstream media, are expert or at least adept at framing media through distortion and dishonesty. They have convinced many in the world that desperation, unfairness and low socio-economic factors are the reasons for Islamic violence against Israel. Only the dim-witted or most brainwashed Westerner could possibly accept this explanation. The truth is Islamic terrorists murder and maim Jews because of ideology. They believe it is God’s will to do so. I believe it’s God’s will for us to stop them, and schedule an appointment for them with Him.

It is of no surprise that those that despise Israel harbor equivalent hatred for the United States. Both of these nations provide a high standard and a moral challenge the Left cannot tolerate.

Fewer organizations are as pathetic as that of the United Nations; a body which has devoted more time to Israel than to any other country. Its overwhelming majority decision last week to elevate the status of Palestine confirms its bias, corruption and bankruptcy. The state of Israel will be most disappointed with the American cousins of the United Kingdom and Australia, the latter of which fought for a voice on the Security Council, only to choose abstention at its first opportunity.

Conservatives admire and appreciate the Judeo-Christian heritage of nations. It is clear from history that incredible achievements are possible when Christianity and Judaism work together. There is, as stated in August 2011, a little Israel in all of us. (hyperlink a little Israel in all of us to .

Despite President Obama’s re-election and presence, it was encouraging to see that America stood by Israel in the recent UN vote. It is undeniable that Israel must rely on America for protection. This is why a strong America translates to a strong world, and why it is in the interests of every freedom-loving person to keep America strong.

On a personal note, as a non-Jew, I believe Israel is a nation of providence, and its state and people inspire me beyond words. Frankly, any entry for “inspiration” in a dictionary should include the word “Israel”.

I will always support Israel, through thick and thin, in good times and in bad. There is nothing fair-weather about friendship, and Israel shouldn’t expect any less from a friend.