It will come down to building collations.
Check it out:

Exit polls on Tuesday found Israel’s parliamentary elections are too close to call.

Israel’s Channel 10 projected after the polls closed Tuesday night that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and the Zionist Union slate would each take 27 seats in the next parliament, The Times of Israel reported.

Channel 2 found that Likud had a small lead with 28 seats to Zionist Union’s 27.
With the race that close, it was not immediately clear if Netanyahu would retain his grip on power.

Typically, the president gives the party that wins the most seats a chance to form a coalition government. But if that party isn’t successful, other parties would have a chance to cobble together a ruling bloc of their own.

Even the most prominent parties in Israel typically only win a plurality of votes, in which case it’s up to that party’s leaders to negotiate a coalition that brings them the majority of the body.

Netanyahu returned to power in 2009 with such deal-making.

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