The next two columns will be dedicated to my support of Israel.

This first column is a nationally televised address that never happened, but should have.

These should have been the remarks of a nationally televised address from the Oval Office, by President Obama, during last month’s rocket attacks on Israel:


My fellow Americans:

I have until now made a point of making few public statements of support for the state of Israel.

I realize now that this has been a mistake and as your President, I accept full responsibility and apologize to you.

Tonight, as we prepare our beds to sleep in peace, our brothers and sisters in Israel prepare for war, and another night of fear and uncertainty.

As I speak, Israeli civilians in southern Israel are being bombarded by rocket attacks by Hamas and other Gaza terror groups.

It is with high hopes and brave hearts, and in massive numbers that we continue to pray for Israel; a nation tiny in size but genuinely giant in heart.

We harbor great love for this nation surrounded by tyranny.

To put it simply, Israel is an American value.

It is this way because we share so much in common. The similarities we share are endless.

We both breathe freedom and treasure democracy. We are both exceptional nations. In the fields of science, technology and academia, we are leaders of the world. Like America, Israel is not just a state.

As people, we are, by nature, both patriotic. Importantly, we both share a fierce desire for our sovereignty. We both reject the objectives of the rising internationalist agenda to transcend borders and override our laws and actions. Under my watch, I will ensure this continues. Americans can be safe knowing that no foreign body will every dictate to it.

And we both are and continue to be the targets and victims of terrorism.

It is hard to conceive of a nation such as Israel.

Amid perpetual adversity, Israel has maintained a democratic existence. It defines and embodies inspiration. Its character and attributes are ones we should aspire to in our personal lives.

The religious character of our nation is strengthened by the story of Israel; the events within her story give us even further indication to us that the content of the Bible can be trusted.

It is beyond remarkable that 2000 years of Jewish oppression and statelessness could be followed by not only their restoration to the Holy Land but also the creation of a deeply successful and democratic state.

As Americans we understand our obligations to the people of Israel, and the consequences of abandoning them.

The truth is that peace can occur in the Middle East. If the Arabs put down their arms tomorrow, peace would come. The difference is that if Israel put down her arms, it would be wiped off the map. I say to those that desire peace in the Middle East: let us focus our efforts on ensuring the Arabs put down their weapons.

Israel has the right to exist and defend itself.

Organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas are experts at dictating the media agenda through distortion and untruths. History has shown that the Israeli Defense Forces do an enormous amount to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone. They do this despite facing an enemy that deliberately positions its military capability behind the human shield of the civilian population.

America stands with Israel and the brave men and women of our military stand with the Israeli Defense Forces.

I want my message to the enemies of Israel to be clear: if you mess with Israel, you mess with America.

We have a message, too, for the United Nations, and the rest of the world. America is sick and tired of seeing the state of Israel persecuted in what appears to be the re-invention of anti-Semitism.  They must see their way clear to a different course, if they are to retain any sense of credibility or value to the American people.

Anti-Semitism is a Jewish problem, but a problem for those of us not of the Jewish faith as well. For Jew-hatred, at its core, is a hatred of higher standards. It hates anybody who represents a higher value or moral challenge. This is why it should surprise us little that those that hate Israel hate America, too.

This hatred will not frighten us or deter us but steel our resolve.

May God continue to bless America and Israel.