Thursday on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer had some tough words for dealing with Boko Haram, ISIS and other Islamic Terror organizations.

Hugh Hewitt queried:

“What should the West be doing about these people…they’re barbarians!”

Ambassador Dermer did not mince words:

“They have to take them on. they have to take them on militarily, you have to take them on with intelligence, but you also first and foremost have to take them on morally! The battle against terrorism, the battle against this militant Islamism is first and foremost a moral battle.

You have to have moral clarity. You have to know who stands with you and who stands against you.

You know, in that march in Paris, a couple of people were there who shouldn’t have been there. You had President Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, who’s marching in Paris against terrorism…that’s great that he’s marching there. The problem is he goes back home and he’s in an alliance with a terror organization — Hamas!”

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