Ever since Israel was first founded many years ago it has been surrounded by enemies. Since Israel’s return to the homeland after World War II they have been faced with countless attacks and wars from their Arab neighbors who want nothing more than the destruction of the Jewish state. As a result of some of these wars, Israel’s borders have expanded when they have been forced to fight in lands occupied by their enemies, but that still hasn’t been enough to push their enemies away. The terrorist group Hamas has pushed Israel to the brink over the past few years, constantly firing rockets into Israel and creating tunnels from Gaza in an effort to launch attacks within Israel. There comes a time when the kid who is trying to avoid trouble and live his life gets sick of the bully pushing him around, and strikes back, that is Israel right now.

During 2014 alone, thousands of rockets have been fired from Gaza by Hamas. Hamas has also managed to dig tunnels into Israel and transport weapons and fighters into Israel through these tunnels. Israel has shown great restraint for quite a long time, sticking to the Iron Dome to protect them from rockets and their strong police force to protect them from internal threats. However, when three Israeli children were kidnapped and murdered in Israel, in the name of Hamas, Israel realized they had to take a stand. Israel started by launching airstrikes on the locations where Hamas was launching their rockets from while also attempting to negotiate a peace agreement with Hamas. However, Hamas has repeatedly refused peace and has stepped up their attacks and rhetoric. Israel’s only response was to mobilize their ground forces to move into Gaza to find the rockets and collapse the tunnels. While in Gaza, the Israel Defense Force found plans indicating a future Hamas attack in Israel using these tunnels. Surely the collapse of these tunnels will save many Israel lives in the future.

However, the international community has had a poor response to the conflict. There are some countries, including Canada, who stand firmly with Israel and their right to defend themselves. We have even seen Egypt denounce Hamas and say there needs to be a peace agreement where Hamas agrees to stop firing on Israel. The United States, however, has led the wrong way. Secretary of State John Kerry has been a thorn in Israel’s side for years, even at one point calling them an “apartheid” state. Kerry is not standing for Israel, and Israel has made that loud and clear. Back at home, President Barack Obama has said little about the issue, and when he has, he has not clearly stated the United States stands for Israel who is under attack by a terrorist organization. The United States is Israel’s greatest ally, we need to stand for them against evil. The United Nations is no help to Israel either, not only does the UN seem to blame Israel for this current conflict; they have even turned rockets found in Gaza over to Hamas. However, they are not the only ones who seem to back Hamas.

The mainstream media has also seemed to abandon the truth and back the terrorist organization. Can we completely blame them? No. Hamas is using human shields and killing Palestinians, all while blaming it all on Israel to increase the death toll. Just the other day a hospital was struck in Gaza, and Hamas blamed it on Israel. However, newly released satellite pictures have shown Hamas struck the hospital with their rockets. Hamas is also hiding their rockets and fighters in apartment buildings, hospitals, schools and soccer fields across Gaza, attempting to draw Israeli fire to those locations. Hamas is attempting to win the conflict through lies and propaganda by claiming Israel is deliberately killing civilians. Unfortunately, people are falling for this trick; this is Israel’s great stand on the world stage.

Israel has a right to defend itself from enemy attacks, which is what they are doing right now. Israelis just want peace, and Hamas is not giving that to them. Many claim that Israel is currently occupying Gaza, and that is why Hamas is fighting back, however, there is much more to that. Israel is in Gaza because of attacks from Hamas and other Islamist extremists. These Islamist extremists, not just Hamas, have brainwashed civilians throughout the Middle East to hate Israel. Other nations, especially Iran have fueled this hatred for quite a long time even before Israel fought any war against any other nation or organization. The Hamas charter itself calls for the murder of Jews, the destruction of Israel and the forcing of Islam on all those who do not follow it. Hamas’ own charter shows they are to blame in the conflict, their goal is not peace, it is not Israel out of Gaza, and just their first objective is the destruction of Israel. The international community needs to recognize this and stand with Israel.

The truth is, Hamas, a terrorist organization, is killing Palestinian civilians and Israeli and blaming it on Israel. Israel’s great stand is not only against Hamas, but against the lies that are being spread throughout the world about them. There are many inside the United States who stand with Israel, including Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. This is the only issue I agree with Senator Schumer on, that is because Schumer, along with Cruz and many others see Israel is standing up against a great evil, and they need the support and the international community in order to protect themselves.

The best thing we can do is get the word out about this conflict. If the media starts to show the truth, and if they stop being blinded by Hamas’ lies, then Israel will start to see the world stands with them against evil. Most people in the world want peace, including Americans, Israelis and Palestinians not associated with Hamas. However, in order for that to occur, Israel must first win its great stand against evil, lies and Hamas.