Where is this money going to come from?
Check this out:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said Wednesday the cost of HealthCare.gov could reach 10 figures.

“The fact is, eventually they’ll get this website working, at the cost of probably over a billion dollars,” Issa said on Fox News.

The administration hasn’t put an exact figure on the cost of the website after a months long tech surge was needed to fix the problem-plagued portal. Issa’s committee has been investigating the rollout.

“They’re probably closer to $700 million now, and they’re going to spend a lot more doing the hard parts on the back end,” Issa continued. “So there’s no question this site is going to get more and more expensive. Perhaps they’ll try to push back some of the cost to the vendors, who failed so miserably, but there’s no question: This is going to be extremely expensive.”

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