It is a funny little world we live in.

What does the future hold? Who knows

But it’s like being a long-tailed tomcat in a room full of rocking chairs. You probably should be a tad nervous.

Unless you have a penchant for weasel words and PC paralysis. Then you’ll do fine.

It used to be West over the Rest. Now it’s the Left over everyone .

Heads in the clouds; they’re all high on the same drug: our money.

And yet they boldly proclaim fiscal responsibility when they scratch one budget expenditure. It’s a bit like telling a junkie “well done” on doing one less speedball.

They cling to the NBC script more tightly than Sandra Fluke clasps her birth control pills. I guess honey sure beats vinegar to wash down the news. All delivered in the plonking clichés of newspeak.

But why bother watching the news? Hop on to Twitter. Follow me while you’re at it: @NickAdamsintheUSA. Apart from me, there you will find the young left. A more intolerant breed than ever before. And now the with a voice and platform. Conspicuous gallantry from these fearless keyboard warriors, staring down a screen. The anti-bullying crusade bullies us.

Ageing hippies; committed leftists; academicians. Our decision-makers and opinion-makers have been stunted by the university-bred doctrine moral equivalence. They all feed the false narrative. They’re giving America lap band surgery, while waiting for the next tongue kiss from the Washington Post.

Our education systems have been infiltrated. Professors are more like wardens, incarcerating minds. They deal out their propaganda like a methed up blackjack dealer. They’re all tolerance merchants marching for everything, except Muslim persecution of Christians. All cultures must be equal, people!

Everything is relative, unless we’re talking plastic bags. They’re pure, unadulterated evil. Oh, and while we’re at it: throw in cammo and ammo.

And anyone not shrugging their way to Belgium goes to sleep a conservative, and wakes up a national security threat.

And what about that immigration deal? Sorry, Danish surgeon, you can’t be here. No thanks, Aussie entrepreneur. But, hey, Chechen student, or Kazakhstani grub, or Euro trash dregs: how about a dog at the ballgame? The more reptilian the character, the more rapturous the welcome.

Meanwhile, the Middle East should be the Middle Ages. Full of flies, dust, heat, and a bucket load of sand- yet it is us with our heads in it. Supporting and exporting terror since forever. Financed by Western governments. We bow; they bomb. Co-exist is such a ponytail word. Try this novel concept: aid and welfare contingent on behavior.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse: the state of Pennsylvania now says they’ll pay for Arthur to become Martha. Ain’t bein’ a taxpayer grand?

And explain to me why the loudest gun-grabbers are also the most lenient on criminals. Or why the real racists are white liberals. Oh, you can’t say that! Of course, there would be absolutely no reason, none at all, a liberal would ever want a colorblind society!

If only the leftist irony stopped there. They’ve got more faces than dice. We take lessons on diet from people with a butt like a Buick. What next? Caring for your people by Kim Jong Un? Driving lessons from Stevie Wonder? Water rescue from Ted Kennedy?
But you have to hand it to them. Only a liberal could conceive a notion as stupid as downward assimilation. “If we decided to be more like them, they’d like us more!” Yes, of course, dearies. That’ll work. Oh, by the way, did I tell you about that oceanfront property I am selling in Nebraska?

In the same week, the progressive movement celebrated the death of a historical Prime Minister (Lady Thatcher) while mourning the removal of a rainbow pedestrian crossing. Forget drag; we’re talking true colors.

Their minds remain much like most liquor stores on a Sunday: closed. The Gospel of Marx pinned securely under their left armpit. Their actions, decisions and plans don’t pass the pub test, and probably not the smell test, either.

How do you fight back? We’re pinned down by a group that couldn’t fight their way out a wet paper bag. But the rules are theirs, and so are the judges. Sometimes all you can do is shine a flashlight on a roach.

Yes, it is a funny little world we live in. Looking to sure yourself up for a rainy day? Invest in food stamps and birth control pills. It’s a sure bet.