“What’s the world coming to,” my dad used to say when I was a teen. I used to turn away, roll my eyes and think, “yeah, I know. And you used to walk five miles to school, uphill – both ways, in knee-deep snow. Fightin’ off Indians. Yada, yada, yada.” Oh, excuse me, Native Americans. (Of which I am 3/8 Cherokee.) Back then things were simpler. Black was black and white was white. Right was right and wrong was just plain wrong. I miss those days, and I am not even “old.” But it seems the world is spinning out of control, and at an exponential rate now.

I hear the arguments being stated for and against same-sex marriage and I cringe. Even the arguments against it don’t satisfy me. It is wrong because we cannot procreate. Tell that to my sibling who married and cannot have kids. It is wrong because a child needs parents of both genders. True, that is the best scenario under which to raise children. It is wrong because the two partners don’t “fit” together as God intended them to….? Yes, true to that too. BUT….same sex marriage is wrong because, and this is going to sound rather simple-minded, but it is wrong because it is not RIGHT. God never, ever intended marriage to be between two women or two men. He created Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, to be joined in HOLY matrimony by Him.

One of the longest running feuds is not the Hatfields and the McCoys; it’s the Arabs and the Israelites/Israelis. How did that feud begin? Was it over oil? Land? No, it all started over humans trying to do things the only way they saw to fulfill a promise of God to Abraham to have many offspring. Sarah got impatient. She gave her maid to Abraham and said, “here. Make babies.” And they did. Then Sarah got pregnant with Isaac! I’ll bet she didn’t plan on that happening! What did intervening with God’s plan gain? Two nations who are today at war with each other, hundreds of years later.
Have we yet learned that trying to alter God’s plan is not beneficial to us? Apparently not, because our nation seems to think that distorting one of God’s most foundational institutions, marriage, will end positively.

So, what if you are not a Christian, or a Jew, or of any other religion that values God’s opinion of things? Then I guess anything could be justified. Actually almost anything has now been justified by our society. Our society has fallen away from God so far that not only is same gender sex acceptable, we take that justification to the farthest degree possible. We are now killing our unborn babies, sacrificing them to the god of “convenience” as the pagans would sacrifice their children. We are a nation built upon Judeo-Christian values, contrary to what is often taught in schools today, but who have turned our backs to Him, choosing to do what is expedient or selfish instead.

At what point do we Christians, especially, finally realize that it is up to us to prevail against the gates of Hell? What will it take to bring us back to our knees to full repentance to God? How far will this nation crumble before we follow through with 2 Chronicles 7:14? Do we have to become Rome? Will we let our nation decay from within to a point of no return? All through history empires have fallen, not because of the enemy without, but because of the enemy within: corruption, moral decay, justification of sin, not calling sin what it is, “sin.” Unless something turns around now, we will be the next Roman Empire, or more accurately, the next Sodom and Gomorrah.

Regardless of all the reasons against same-sex marriage, there is still one that I never hear stated anymore. IT IS JUST WRONG. It is all right for us to take a stand against something because it is just wrong. Some things will never be right, no matter what spin is put on them. Marriage between two people of the same gender is one of those things.