Ivanka Trump has impeccable taste when it comes to artwork, and a quick glossing over of her Instagram account will certainly prove it.


Ivanka Trump is receiving threats from the artists whose work adorns her walls as the liberal hate for her father grows.

Unfortunately, the hatred felt for her father in the liberal world has now morphed into some fashion of hate for Ivanka herself, and the artists whom she admires enough to spend a small fortune on their work are retaliating against the soon-to-be First Daughter.

“Trump’s investments in the young artists mentioned above have given those artists a feeling that they have a conduit to Donald Trump, or at the very least a heightened platform to voice their concerns about the incoming administration. ‘Through her collecting and social appearances, Ivanka Trump belonged to a certain degree to our world,’ said curator Alison Gingeras. There’s the added motivation to push back against Trump because her art collection has ‘become a form of branding,’ said dealer Bill Powers, who sold Trump an artwork by Louis Eisner in 2013 through Marshall, the adviser. ‘I think there are a lot of artists that are uncomfortable now being incorporated, or leveraged, as part of the Ivanka Trump brand.’

“To that end, the Halt Action Group (HAG), founded by Gingeras, Powers, artist Jonathan Horowitz, and several others, initiated a campaign called ‘Dear Ivanka.’ The group has an Instagram feed in which they repost glossy stock images of Trump along with earnest appeals about what they foresee as the dire consequences of her father’s politics—topics addressed include global warming, universal health care, and contraception policy. Hoping to ‘thwart the normalization of what was unfolding in front of our eyes,’ Gingeras said, the group, comprised of artists, dealers, psychoanalysts, and even a few collectors, reached out to the artists featured in Trump’s Instagram feed. They asked the artists to join them and ask Ivanka ‘to answer for some of the hypocrisy she embodies,’ Gingeras said.

“Many of the artists contacted by HAG responded forcefully. Underneath a photo of Trump posing in front of a painting by Da Corte, the artist wrote: ‘Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.’ Under a different post, Israel wrote: ‘Please stand with artists and so many people around the world who believe that America means equality for all people.’ Lowman and fellow artists Cecily Brown and Rob Pruitt joined a HAG-organized march outside the Puck Building, which is owned by Trump’s husband’s family.”

This petty, leftist hatred toward a woman who will certainly be a large part of the shape of America to come is downright deplorable, to steal a phrase from the now-reclusive Hillary Clinton.

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