“Would you like some more Turkish Delight?” the evil Queen of Narnia asked Edmund. “Yes, please,” said Edmund. “First, tell me where your brother and sisters are!” demanded the Queen. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Like poor sulking Edmund in C. S. Lewis’ fantasy tale of the struggle between good and evil, the entitlement minded, low information voter has been seduced by the “Turkish Delight” candy: free healthcare! Now, Sibelius, styling herself Queen of Life, Death, and Healthcare, demands her due: control. Control of your health care, which is the power of health or pain, life or death. Control over you.

This past week, we learned that Sibelius, the white witch, styling herself Queen of Healthcarenia, has the power to override the medical transplant protocols for lung transplants. The news stories told us that the parents of a 10 year old girl dying of cystic fibrosis asked Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius to override the medical protocols that forbade anyone younger than 12 years old from receiving an adult lung transplant. Instead, Sibelius said that she would “review the child transplant policies.”

An ABC News story dated June 3, 2013 quoted the girl’s family:
“Secretary Sebelius’ decision to not exercise her very clear authority under the law to intervene and mandate a variance that would help save Sarah’s life is devastating,” the family said in a prepared statement.”

The family then filed suit in court to compel the Queen of Heathcarnia to place the girl on the transplant list. The judge did so, and Secretary Sibelius ordered the transplant committee to place the girl on the adult transplant list.

Whether the girl should or should not get on the transplant list is a question for a medical board. Medical professionals should decide, based on medical reasons, not bureaucrats.

As usual, the real story is buried in the ABC news quote from the girl’s family, referring to Sibelius: “her very clear authority under the law to intervene and mandate a variance.”

Who appointed Kathleen Sibelius Queen of Life and Death over Americans? Who gave Kathleen Sibelius the power to interfere in my healthcare? Why is it her decision, and not the decision of the doctors on the medical board for transplants? Once again, the power for healthcare decisions has been seized by a federal aparachnik, styling herself Queen of Healthcarenia.

The power of life and death. That is the ancient power of kings and queens, which we supposedly threw off in 1776. We are a nation of laws, and not of men or women. Or self-styled Queens.

In the next chapter of this continuing story, look for the head of the IRS to play the role of Fenris, captain of Queen Jardis’ secret police, snooping into people’s private business. Oh, wait, the IRS has already done that! It ferreted out information on Tea Party donors and harassed Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status.