Former President Jimmy Carter claimed Thursday that his grandson James Carter – the man who brought Mitt Romney’s 47 percent video to light – was responsible for getting Barack Obama re-elected last November.

Speaking with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Carter also said that when Obama met his grandson last week, he “ran across the room, embraced him and thanked him.”

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: Last time we spoke, you sort of suggested you didn’t have much of a relationship with President Obama. Have things improved or deteriorated, or are they about the same?



You know, he and I respect each other. When he came to Atlanta this past week, his staff invited me to come to the speech. I was in Atlanta to make a speech myself. I couldn’t go. But he met my grandson, who’s in the state Senate. He had met my grandson, who was the one who found the 47 percent tape and pretty —


MORGAN: Right. Well, it won him the election.

CARTER: I think — I personally think so.

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