“Federal appeals judges Tuesday rejected a lawsuit by “Joe the Plumber” (Samuel Wurzelbacher) that claimed his rights were violated by a state records search after he voiced public concern over taxes to then-candidate Barack Obama…

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Why were Joe the Plumber’s records searched after Obama on the campaign trail spoke to him on camera?  I don’t think Joe sought out Obama, but the other way around.  It was random.  Are U.S. citizens not allowed to speak to their king, I mean President?  Are we not allowed to ask him questions?

“Wurzelbacher said the ruling means that private citizens can be violated by a powerful government and that the decision may deter others from speaking out against those in charge.”

I agree.

“The irony of this court ruling is that now any citizen who stands up and challenges candidates and elected officials is subject to intimidation by the same government that is supposed to protect our individual rights,” he said in a statement.”

I’m so proud to know Samuel Wurzelbacher (a.k.a. Joe the Plumber).  He is one of us, a true American.  We need men like him in Congress.  He’s running! Go here to contribute to his campaign.