GOP Sen. Ron Johnson on Sunday defended Americans’ rights to own guns following the Colorado massacre and calls for tougher weapons laws, saying the real issues are “sick, demented individuals” and how the country deals with them.

“This isn’t an issue about guns,” Johnson, R-Wis., said on “Fox News Sunday.” “This is really an issue about sick, demented individuals. It’s a tragedy, and I don’t think there’s a solution in Washington to solve that problem. … other than look to our families, look to our communities, starting with our education system. We’ve got to re-instill values in what we’re teaching our children. We need to look at families and the education system.”

He also pointedly called the alleged Colorado shooter, James Holmes, “a sick, demented, evil individual.”

Johnson faced off on the gun-control issue with Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, following the mass shooting early Friday in Colorado in which a gunman allegedly used an AR-15 rifle with a large magazine to kill 12 people and injure dozens of others in a movie theater.

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