“Mr. Benjamin, as I said, is a boy, not a man yet,” the judge said. “I also must certainly take into account the fact that Mr. Benjamin will be deported. And, so help me, I can’t think of any other sentence more serious than that of being deprived of the ability to live in this country.”

A bleeding-heart Brooklyn judge has given a thug who shot two men a slap-on-the-wrist sentence — and justified it by saying, “We are failing as a society” because the gunman “substituted a gang for a lack of family.”

Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Michael Gary even cited Francis Benjamin’s low status in the Crips gang to explain handing him just 3¹/₂ years behind bars instead of the 22 years prosecutors sought.

“You turned to a gang for family support, for support in your life. And that is where we are failing as a society,” Gary said last week at the sentencing. “You are a nobody in terms of that gang. You are literally an instrument of somebody who has far more power than you.”

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