The Zimmerman verdict has spawned a menagerie of colorful comments from people embittered about the man’s release.  I’ve seen everything from simple disappointment to excessive swearing to threats of violence against innocent people, and it all comes from one glaring misconception: that George Zimmerman gunned down Trayvon Martin out of racial hate.

I’ve talked to a number of people about the case and I’ve heard all the arguments.  I’ve been accused of being a racist because I don’t think Zimmerman killed Martin because of skin color.  That seems to be the message that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are trying to convey, after all: if you don’t want Zimmerman to fry, it’s because you hate black people.

Across the nation there is anger over the verdict.  There are rallies being held in major American cities and dozens of cases of White bystanders being savagely beaten by Blacks under the justification that it was done “for Trayvon.”

I actually had a friend ask me if I thought I might be just a little bit racist because I’ve been ranting against the idea that Martin was gunned down for being black.  All over the social networks it can be seen in thousands of comments that the verdict “clearly” means that it’s acceptable to kill black men, that this is “another victory for whitey” and that hurting innocent people based on their light skin is an appropriate retributive act for the verdict.

Here’s the sad truth: while the fury of the Liberal citizen is duly noted, the Democrats in Congress are not upset about the verdict.  In fact, they couldn’t be happier.  Sure, they get on TV and talk about what an injustice it is, but it’s an “injustice” they were counting on.  It’s quite simple, really.

You see, there is one surefire way to unite a wide array of people with different cultures, beliefs, ethnicities and even religions.  It has worked all throughout history and is used in many popular films today: give them a common enemy.  Remember the old saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  And just who is that common enemy that the Left is rallying people against in this particular case?  The White Man, or the WASP’s, as they like to call them.

It serves the interests of the Liberals in Congress to keep minorities hating Whites and blaming them for all their problems because it ensures that most of the minority vote will go to Democrats, who always promise to bring down the “Old White Republicans.”  This serves them on two fronts, actually, the second being that it keeps minorities under the programmed impression that they cannot build their own success and they need a Democrat-run government to take care of them like helpless children.

So yes, of course Al Sharpton will rant about injustice and racism for weeks, as will Jesse Jackson and others of such esteem, and of course Barack Obama would go on the record with an emotional speech about how he could have been the victim (and thereby affirming that he also believes the incident was a hate crime, or at least that’s what he wants the voters to think).  The more they can hype this incident, the more they can cement racial divide for political reasons, and as a bonus, the more they can distract folks from the slew of scandals surrounding this sorry administration.

I’m not buying it, and neither are rational thinkers like Alfonzo Rachel and Herman Cain.  Some folks have suggested that I took Zimmerman’s side because I’m Hispanic as he is (halfway, at least) and I’m supporting one of “my people.”

Actually, Zimmerman’s ethnicity never mattered to me and it never will.  It’s the same reason I’m able to so openly criticize our government’s lax policies on illegal immigration despite my heritage: Hispanics are not my people.

They’re not, end of story.  I don’t identify with race.  The fact that we descend from people indigenous to a certain geographical region means nothing to me.  Honestly, why should it mean anything to anyone?  It’s not like we had a say in the matter.

You might be asking, who are my people, then?

Well…you are.

You, the Capitalist; you, the Conservative; you, the Christian and the Patriot. My people are those who share my faith and my values, and who are bold enough to stand with me and speak out against tyranny.  You are my people, and no amount of Hope and Change can ever change that.