Last week dozens of (264) disfigured victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings began testifying. The jurors heard the testimonies from survivors, emergency workers, attendees of the race and from a father of an 8 yr. old son who lost his life and a 7 yr. old daughter, who lost her leg.

In July’s 2013 Arraignment, Muslim, Bomber Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev, plead (not guilty) to all 30 charges laid against him including use of weapons of mass destruction to kill and (4) murders. Three people were killed by pressure cooker bombs and Sean Collier, MIT security officer, caught on security camera, was killed days later by the Islamic radicalized brothers on the run, hijacking his car.

He is to be prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys William Weinreb and Aloke Chakravarty, of the Anti-Terrorism and National Security unit of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston.

His defense team includes Federal Public Defender Miriam Conrad, William Fick and anti-death penalty lawyer Judy Clarke. In her opening statement at his trial Jan 5 2015, his attorney, Judy Clarke said “it was him,” adding “there is little that occurred the week of April 15, 2013 that we dispute.”

The first day’s testimony March 4, 2015 was heart wrenching and dramatic just like the prosecutors wanted it to be since the general public has been spared the bloody details. Most people have only read accounts or heard the explosion and saw the smoke at the scene, never viewing the physical carnage.

It was Jeffrey Bauman who said, “pure carnage.” That phrase set the stage for a second day of testimony in the trial. Each survivor who took the stand methodically painted a vivid, gruesome accounting before and after picture from an elated cheering crowd at the finish line to a screaming bloody battlefield heaped with body parts littering the streets.

“I saw most of the blood coming out of my left leg. I still had a knee cap but nothing beyond it,” said Mr. Bauman, who was 27 at the time and lost both legs, he told the court. “There was this stream of blood pouring out.”

One mother, Rebekah Gregory, 27, who also lost a leg, told jurors, “I tried to sit up but couldn’t raise much.” (Her leg had been blown off). “I couldn’t see my legs, but I could see my bones plainly lying next to me on the sidewalk,” she testified. “At that point I thought that was the day I would die. I lifted my arms and my bones were sticking out of my flesh.” She was so traumatized by this butchery that she was afraid to go to court to face Tsarnaev. After she took the stand and testified she said, “I wasn’t afraid anymore.” She concluded that Tsarnaev is a Coward and a Nobody, “and now it’s official he has lost.”

Bill Richard also took the stand and described how his family was literally blown apart by the bomb. He told how they got ice cream before randomly stopping at an opening near the finish-line to cheer on the runners. Jahar premeditatedly chose the spot next to his 8 yr. old son Martin to leave the back pack knowing that he signed his son’s death warrant. Then he spoke about the moment he realized his son was dead and the horrible injuries suffered by his daughter Jane. “I recall walking toward Jane. She tried to get up and she fell. It was then I noticed her leg. It wasn’t there. She didn’t have it. It had been blown off at the scene.”

Three people were killed at the Marathon; Martin Richard 8, Krystle Campbell 29, and Lingzi Lu 23.

After the bombing Special Agent Jodi West FBI, wrote in his document, “What we are witnessing here is a brand new form of terrorism. These homegrown terrorists prove to be as dangerous as any known group, if not more so.”

Officials said Dzhokhar told interrogators that he and his brother Tamerlan were motivated by extremist Islamic beliefs. “This was retribution for the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to carry out the bombings. “We Muslims are one body you hurt one you hurt us all.”

This whole family, through asylum, was freely given the American dream package with a paid college education leading to a good job. Jahar instead threw it away, deciding to become a radicalized Islamic killing the people of the country who gave him food, clothing, shelter and a good chance to a better life. The Boston Bomber story debunks Obama’s ridiculous theory about ISIS wanting a job.

Officials said it was clear after the initial interrogation that the attack was religiously motivated. After the successful Marathon bombing, the Tsarnaev brothers, were on their way to New York City to bomb Times Square, when they were apprehended. During questioning Jahar confirmed that was the plan.

Marc Fucarile, who lost a leg in the bombing told reporters he has no doubt on the verdict. “I prefer the death penalty, because I prefer that people know that if you terrorize our country you’re going to be put to death. I strongly believe that’s how it should be.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder decided to seek the death penalty against Tsarnaev too. A step in the right direction the survivors stated. This is a Federal case and Federal prosecutors can seek the death penalty. They said Jahar acted in a “especially heinous, cruel and depraved manner and lacks remorse.

The evidence on video alone is overwhelming proof of his guilt. This trial is ultimately to determine the verdict of punishment either by the Death Penalty or life in prison. There’s no doubt he’s guilty said his attorney and by his own volition he admitted to building and detonating the pressure cooker bombs, so there is no chance that a (not) guilty man would be put to death. Tsarnaev needs only to be tried and convicted formally with all rights of due process protected and then be executed swiftly.

This kind of Islamic degeneracy is ingrained in his spirit and cannot be reformed evidenced by his lack of remorse. No amount of TP money spent for a life sentence can change his ideology or behavior.

The death penalty was written for just this type of malicious crime and is a manifestation of societies’ outrage to keep it from ever being repeated by applying the harshest punishment to the perpetrator.

The jurors will have enough information from hundreds of testimonies for whatever decision they make to be substantiated.

So what does justice look like in this case for 4 deaths and 264 innocent civilians maimed?

The Death Penalty looks like justice for Muslim Jahar who wants to join his brother in paradise. It looks like justice for the lives who were taken from their family and friends by this terrorist. It looks like justice for the injured victims who can never forget struggling daily without limbs, putting their lives back together in an emotional traumatic state of constant mental anguish and nightmares. Justice is a semblance to them of closure, peace, strength, and to rest through the night into another day.

The Death Penalty in this case would uniquely be a win-win-win situation and truly “Justice for All.”