You can not be a hero and self absorbed at the same time.

Granted, her first days back in the U.S. were in a makeshift tent none of us would have enjoyed. Returning Ebola-fighters deserve better than to poop in a box.

But America deserves better than the haughty scolding she has issued since leaving New Jersey for Maine. From her home state, she now informs us she has no intention of obeying limits placed on her for reasons of public safety. She will not be “bullied by politicians,” she says, weaving details of how her reaction to inconvenience has grown from shock to anger.

If Ms. Hickox wishes to see what anger looks like, she should visit Twitter. The country isn’t enjoying her griping. She showed selfless devotion to her fellow man in going to Sierra Leone. That attribute did not make it back through customs.

Instead, we get lawsuit threats and the same kind of snotty condescension that has us loving the CDC so much right now.
On a tour of network news shows Wednesday morning, Ms. Hickox demanded that an undereducated America worship at the altar of the “science” that she invokes to argue for her immediate release from the constraints of public safety. She brandishes her absence of symptoms in an attempt to escape a 21-day time-out that would provide substantial reassurance to a public rocked not just by Ebola but by the rank ineptitude of government in responding to it.

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