Come July, Kahr Arms, an ammunition company that spent a majority of it’s existence in New York’s Rockland County, will open a brand new office on over 600 acres of property … in Pike County, Pennsylvania.

With that new facility comes roughly 50 jobs, with up to 100 coming during a 5-year plan.

Via the Pike County Courier:

As soon as this July, Kahr Firearms will open their new offices on Well Road in Blooming Grove, said Frank Harris, vice president of sales and marketing at the group.

Work on the 620-acre lot has been ongoing since breaking ground in May 2013, and local crews are busy finishing the site.

“About 40 to 50 people are already employed,” Harris said.

Kahr Arms generates up to $100 million in sales annually, revenue that will also leave New York.

Despite Governor Cuomo’s claim that he is “committed to helping small businesses thrive in New York,” Harris said part of the decision to move out of the Empire State was Pennsylvania’s friendlier business climate.

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