International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is an organization focused on assisting the “Palestinian cause” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Although the ISM claims to use nonviolent protests and methods, it has been rightly accused of using violence as well.

We shouldn’t paint Kayla Mueller’s work for all people with a hero’s brush of humanitarian work just yet. We first need to look at and understand the people she worked with (ISM). Kayla worked for and was limited to, all “Palestinian” and Muslim people, against and excluding the Jews.

Philosophy of ISM

The organization calls on civilians from around the world to participate in acts of nonviolent protests against the Israeli military in the West Bank and previously the Garza strip. It works alongside other groups to pressure Palestinians to boycott the One Voice Peace Summit and for helping to undermine the Summit by creating a competing event. ISM and affiliated groups critical of the Summit say that One Voice fails to fully support Palestinian rights guaranteed under international law.


According to the ISM’s website, “International volunteers who join the ISM are responsible for paying their own way and covering all their expenses in Palestine. The ISM does not receive any funding from any state, government or association (so they say). We rely on donations from average people all over the world that support peace and the Palestinian struggle for freedom. The ISM regularly sends speakers on fundraising trips and encourages funding drives.

ISM’s position on violence

The ISM’s website describes the organization as a “Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles.”

An article in the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph called ISM “the peace group that embraces violence” because its mission statement recognizes “armed struggle” as the “right” of Palestinians. The statement in question is taken from the ISM Mission Statement:

As enshrined in international law and UN resolutions, we recognize the Palestinian right to resist Israeli violence and occupation via legitimate armed struggle. However, we believe that nonviolence can be a powerful weapon in fighting oppression and are committed to nonviolent principals of resistance.

The ISM does not support or condone any acts of terrorism-which is not legitimate armed struggle. The ISM does not associate, support, or have anything to do with armed or violent resistance to the “occupation”.

The right to resist occupation applies not only to the Palestinian people, but to [all peoples] who are faced with a military occupation. The ISM regards [all people as equals with equal rights] under international law. The only exclusion to this I found was [the rights of the “Jewish people”]

ISM was founded in 2001 by Ghassan Andoni, a Palestinian activist; Neta Golan, a third generation Israeli activist; Huwaida Arraf, a Palestinian-American; and George Rishmawi, a Palestinian activist.

During a CNN interview, Paula Zahn with Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Arraf asked about an article they had co-authored which stated: “Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics, both violent and nonviolent. Most importantly, it must develop a strategy involving both aspects. Nonviolent resistance is no less noble than carrying out a suicide operation.” She noted that “some people could conclude that you were promoting suicide bombing.” Shapiro and Arraf replied:

The article that we wrote was actually in response to another article written by a Palestinian, who said the Palestinians could not be nonviolent. We were addressing whether the Palestinians could use violence or could not use nonviolence. There already is violence, we aren’t advocating it.

It’s not hard to find the truth; what’s hard is to admit it. The truth is Kayla spent two years working with the ISM which is a terrorist support group for Islamic Palestinians and she wouldn’t admit the truth about ISM’s cause. She as an activist was a tool for the jihad driven Palestinian takeover of Israel. She was working for the sympathies of the Palestinian terrorists and to interfere with the (IDF) Israeli Defense Force on behalf of terrorists groups against Israel.

Kayla admitted to being present at the weekly riots in 2009 in Bi’ilin in the West Bank where the Arabs demonstrated “nonviolently” by throwing rocks at the IDF soldiers as well as incendiaries: explosive weapons of tear gas and pyrotechnic bombs. The ISM was there and Kayla participated with them.

This doesn’t sound like a benevolent aid worker who viewed all human beings, even Jews as having the same rights. This viewpoint came from a progressive teaching in American Universities of anti-Semitism, calling the Jews radical, dictatorships and terrorists overseas and causes of liberal movements with ISM distorting the truth of our only Ally Israel. Her writings suggested her hatred of the Jewish people and her revolutionary mindset to overcome the Jewish occupation. Here is just one example of her letters.

“The smell and taste of tear gas has lodged itself in the pores of my throat and the skin around my nose, mouth, and eyes”, Kayla writes, “It still burns when I close them. It hangs in the air like invisible fire burning the oxygen I breathe. When I cry tears for this land, my eyes still sting. This land that is beautiful as the poetry of the mystics. This land with the people whose hearts are more expansive than any other wall that any man could ever build. Yes, the wall will fall. The nature of impermanence is our greatest ally and soon the rules will change, the tide will turn and just as the moon waxes and wanes over this land so to the cycles of life here will continue. One day the cycle will once again return to freedom. “

Kayla was not talking about freedom for the Jews rather the Palestinian state to be free from “river to sea” which the Palestinian people chant, along with other chants; we will wipe Israel off the map. Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah-Al Qaeda-ISIS, all of them are exterminators. They can’t abide with the Jews surviving in Israel. It has nothing to do with Israel’s size or location or occupation it’s just the fact that they exists and they breathe Muslim air. It bothers most of the nation’s making up the UN that a tiny nation the size of El Salvador is called a Jewish nation.

Kayla allowed herself to be recruited by a revolutionary group ISM to defend the Palestinians Jew haters over our ally Israel. She was ultimately murdered by their hands the people she fought for and their radical terrorist ideology. Perhaps she went seeking true altruism, but got caught believing in savage’s lies in a religion of hate. The freedom she sought was from a lying dictatorial ideology which believed in anything but freedom. Her own stupidity trusting in evil got her murdered.