In school, when I first heard the cliche, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” I didn’t buy it. I didn’t have many enemies unless there were girls coming between me and the boy I was attached to at the time. Keep those girls closer? Nu-uh. I don’t think so. I may have tried that for a split second – along with the dumb advice of “playing hard to get.” But, I wound up finding my own way in both regards – by staying the heck away from my high school’s ‘mean girls’ and by chasing my husband down until he married me (love ya, Sweetie).

The controversy surrounding the recent launch of news channel – Al-Jazeera America – leaves people either embracing the cliche, running the other direction, or playing dumb. Al-Jazeera is a channel, staffed by 800 journalists, that’s owned by the royal family of Qatar – an oil rich country that (get this) has financially supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Jazeera became famous for being the middle-eastern network that aired Usama bin Laden’s videos.

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