Megyn Kelly’s controversial move from cable news leader Fox News, to the liberal echo-chambers of NBC news, won’t have many folks following the anchor from station to station.

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC will likely fail to entice her old viewers away from cable news behemoth Fox News.

While Kelly’s fall from Fox comes amid massive scandals involving those higher than her at the network, namely, Roger Ailes, her feud with President-Elect Donald Trump had many in the conservative media questioning her true allegiance to the right.  Now, the move to NBC seems to have sealed her fate among staunch followers of right-wing news.

“Megyn Kelly may lose Republicans and Donald Trump voters as part her audience base when she moves from Fox News to NBC News, according to the latest Morning Consult poll.

“The results suggest Kelly will have more Democratic viewers, though.

“Twenty-nine percent of Hillary Clinton voters said they are more likely to tune into Kelly at NBC News, while 26 percent of Trump voters say they’re less likely to watch her.

“The results suggest that millennials are more likely to watch Kelly now that she is at NBC.”

Given the turbulent year ahead for partisan politics and the pundits who report on it, Megyn Kelly could find herself playing the victim once again.

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