I so enjoy my Saturday morning run along Juno-Jupiter beach as a time of reflection and sharing with others who are dedicated to personal fitness. Today was no exception, and as an added treat, I was joined this morning by local congressional candidate Ellen Andel, a superior runner, and someone I personally support.

As we ran, Ms. Andel took the time to chat with me about her race and some of the struggles she is encountering. As I was trying to keep up with her pace, I asked that she stop talking and allow me to get some oxygen.

However, as I was panting along the 6.5 mile run I thought about her aforementioned struggles to gain support as a local town council member, a wife, mother of two, and just a simple person seeking to make a better America for her daughters. It was Benjamin Franklin who mused, “sometimes you get the government you want, other times you get the government you deserve.”

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