Christmas should be an increased time of focus on Jesus and the reality of God generously and purposefully reaching into humanity with a great plan that offers us eternal life and the best approach to life now.

Instead it has become full of distractions to try to take our focus away from God – intense commercialism, sales, secular songs, secular movies and secular TV shows.

How has it come to the point with humanity where reindeers, snow and Santa have trumped the awesomeness of the Creator of us and the Universe looking lovingly upon us with an offer of redeeming our sinful ways and still wanting to have a relationship with us?

But there are not only these secular fiction alternative stories, music and focuses at Christmas time, there also is a counter effort – among which are changing the name from Christmas to Holidays and making nativity scenes illegal in public settings.

Maybe we’re just not trying hard enough, whereas the opposition is very aggressive. Given the greatness of the true Christmas story, shouldn’t we be the ones who are more energized than the opposition? And that weakness is something that we might be held accountable for, not only on Judgment Day, but in our hearts and consciences now.

But regardless of what “the world” does, there are things that we can do. Maybe not on a grand scale (although that would be nice too), but in our conversations with others and in our prayer life. We can thank God for what He’s done, and we can shift our focuses … to hymns, religious carols, church, books, Bible study, religious events and religious media.

But a prime place we can do this at any time is in our thoughts. As “disciples” we can “discipline” our thought life to dwelling on Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.

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