Sure…this is a bit of conjecture, but with the timing, the character of the people involved and their actions, would it really be surprising if it’s all true?

It is said that criminals love gun control because it keeps victims defenseless. I guess that applies to white color political criminals as well.

Embattled and disgraced Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has found himself mired in a number of criminal investigations ranging from obstruction of a justice to witness tampering. Ironically enough these allegations come on the heels of Cuomo disbanding his own commission created to clean up corruption of state politics. The Moreland Commission had a brief existence, being formed on July 2nd of 2013 the commission was abruptly shut down in March of 2014 with no explanation given. The commission was supposed to run until January of 2015.

Now, why does a corruption commission end 10 months early?

It’s not because they DON’T find anything…it’s because they DO.

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