It makes me sick that neither the American people nor the media see anything wrong with politicians who swore to protect and defend the Constitution crassly ignoring it.   The president and Attorney general (AG) have total freedom to decide what laws they want to enforce, how they want to enforce them, and act without any Congressional oversight as they have “No respect”, as AG Holder said, for the Congress of the United States.  The blatant disregard for our founding documents and the media cover up makes me wonder if something more insidious is actually in play.

As a retired military officer, I remember when we had to do our yearly PRP certification.  We were required to study the enemy, read their doctrine books so as to get into their mind.  The Soviet Union stated that if they could not defeat us militarily, they would encourage us to destroy ourselves culturally.  Joseph Stalin stated “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”   The Soviet Union understood the way to defeat the power of this nation was by attacking the pillars of goodness that made us great. I thought they were way off base in their estimation of how shallow and superficial a nation they painted us to be.  When I look at where we are, however, it makes me wonder.  I don’t know if Russia is behind it all but there are certainly some communist leaning individuals in our government that are not being challenged.  The result is that patriotism is waning as most folks in this nation no longer know their history or the principles on which we were founded.  Our Morality in this nation has definitely been compromised and religions, mainly Christianity is under attack.

When we look at patriotism, those leading this nation seem to have the least amount.  They are more interested in social engineering and being re-elected.  Honoring our soldiers or ensuring the next generation is educated on our nations real history is not as big a priority as the revisionist tripe being fed our students.  One of my sons called me to decry the most recent move by our Secretary of Defense who sent out a memo stating that if gays (deviant couples) live in an area that does not recognize same sex marriage (perversion), than they can get 10 days uncharged leave to go to a state that does and get hitched and have a honeymoon.  What happened giving no special treatment? Of course these are the same people killing terrorists with drone strikes causing collateral damage, but telling our soldiers on the ground they cannot defend themselves until fired upon. They are undermining the moral of our soldiers with their ridiculous rules of engagement, rules that fly in the face of reality and show that these people in charge care nothing about our soldiers or country, just their agenda.

Two years after the flawed fast and furious murder there are still no real answers, and one year after the Benghazi attack we not only have no answers but we have not responded in a way the enemy understands and respects.  Interesting how the Egyptians living with the “highly successful Arab spring” deal with the muslin brotherhood.  Realizing they are dangerous, not peaceful, not to be trusted they kill them.  It is also interesting to note that this administration seems like they have gone out of their way to ensure everyone working in it has some connection to the communist party.  That must be why Sam Webb, the National Chair of Communist Party USA stated in 2008 that “Disagree with the Obama administration without being disagreeable.  We are speaking to a friend.”  Obama goes out of his way to praise the radical Islamists as friends we can talk to while demonizing our ally Israel.  Oh by the way for all of the race baiting from this administration Radical Islam is still the largest global supporter of slavery.

If all of the above doesn’t point to a broken moral compass, just turn on your television.  We push premarital sex, no responsibility, infanticide as a solution, and our representatives live in a land of ZERO accountability.  Lying to the public has become an art form for our elected officials.  There is no morality inside the beltway and as a friend who worked in Washington told me there is a spiritual darkness.  Islam and perversion are celebrated and held in high esteem at Whitehouse dinners but Christianity is to be dammed. The administration has openly supported infanticide, perversion and deviance, all while dressing down Christian institutions who stand against his immoral agenda. This administration has gone on an all-out frontal assault against Christian businesses, universities, and churches over forcing Obamacare and contraception on them against their beliefs.  Of course Muslims get a pass on Obamacare because it violates their religious beliefs.  The administration was the biggest cheerleader for the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt.  Interesting  how over 40 Christian churches have been burned by the Muslim Brotherhood, Nuns accosted and sexually assaulted, priests and Monks executed, Bibles burned in piles, altars desecrated, but not a word of reprimand from the president. Instead we see more defense for the Muslim brotherhood wrongly removed from power.  Amazing how all this violence in Egypt might have been avoided had those in charge listened to the original protesters who stated that the Muslim brotherhood was not good.

As this nation continues on the self destruct course one must ask is the administration doing it intentionally according to doctrine or they have decided that integrity, character and strong morals are not as important as their feigned Transparency.  Either way today’s leadership is fulfilling an age old Soviet dream.