My friend Jennie suggested I interview a Korean at the Korean War Memorial.  I looked around.  I approached a young woman, hoping she was Korean.  If she was Chinese or Vietnamese, I might be politically incorrect and offend her.  I did not want to offend anyone.  I never do.  She was Korean and so sweet.  In her broken English she thanked the American soldiers for bringing freedom to her country.  Wow.

I looked to see if Jan, my camerawoman was getting this magic moment.  I pulled Tony Good from our group and pushed him toward her.  “Here’s an American soldier…oops…Marine!  She smiled.  My brain froze.  I knew nothing about the Korean War.  I asked Jannique Stewart who has a college degree in television journalism to think of something.  Jannique took over and suddenly, the church choir from Korea was singing to our church group from Ft. Lauderdale.  It sounded like heaven.

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