BAIER: OK, the next topic is this cyber warfare that a big article again in the “New York Times” talking about how president Obama secretly ordered the increase of sophisticated attacks on computer systems in Iran, including the Stuxnet virus we’ve heard a lot about. There’s been some angst about this story and others recent days. Steve, intel officials are not happy with this.

HAYES: No. And I started the morning with intel people, national security people who are concerned about the leaks and the fact it was laid out on the pages of the “New York Times,” and that increased as date went on. I talked to some senior former intelligence officials and he said David Petraeus needs to do a crime report none and start an investigation into the leak. The bugger problem is one person said it appears to professionals that the information that they have been sworn to protect is being used for political purposes by the White House. That’s a problem in the intelligence community.

KLEIN: You played something earlier in the show that Leon Panetta said about cyber warfare and the idea that would be warfare. The implication is we may be at war with Iran over what went on. It’s stunning, a stunning revelation. And we are learning more about the president and how aggressive he’s been in some of the national security areas. And I think this is just — it’s a really fascinating development with a lot of potential tentacles. And it gets us into hot water potentially. The concept of retaliation would very much seem to be on the table.

KRAUTHAMMER: It’s beyond a problem, it’s a scandal. Leaking the details that we saw in that plan about a very, very highly secret operation, the name of the operation, how it worked, when it worked, how it leaked out, the fact that we his Israel cooperation, the name of the secret Israeli unit. All that were missing were the Hebrew names of the Israeli agents and their street addresses in Jerusalem. You wonder how an administration could allow this and jeopardize what we have done simply as a way to boost the president in an election year. I think it is a scandal.

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