Is everybody else out there as exhausted as I am with all these assaults on the US Constitution? Not to mention those on morality, common decency, and the culture in which our children are being incubated. It all seems to have reached a point beyond which I can no longer be shocked by the Left’s overreach and dictatorial inclinations, I know what’s coming, but I am always shocked nevertheless. Because these are attacks on the very American-ness of America. I always thought the world’s leftists were morons beyond the classroom but now I know it is true. Powerful, anti-democratic morons.

This business of the climate change edicts coming from On High is only the latest insult. When did this become okay – the President writing legislation and passing it all by himself? Legislation that has all sorts of tax (aka penalty) implications. Who made EPA apparently a body unto itself, above Congressional oversight, beyond appeal, and assuming legislative authority? I guess it started about the same time as it became insulting to ask a man running for the presidency to present his US birth certificate for authentication. (And we need a law mandating that every candidate to the presidency present birth certificates for FBI verification.) There are days when I am paralyzed by fatigue with always being on the defense – an old left-wing trick – rather than on the offensive. I can’t remember the last time the Republicans in Congress acted as a true opposition to what is happening. They must be as tired as we are, fighting the good fight. I’m kidding.

I remember when I was the Nicaragua Desk Officer at State Department during the height of the contra war years. The Contras were a home-grown group of men and women, largely rural and religious, whose ranks grew in size as Sandinista abuses mounted. I kept a daily chronicle from many sources of the things that were being done: a small church surrounded and set afire with worshippers inside; the seizure of small farms owned by anybody who dared criticize the left-wing junta or anybody who was aligned with the Liberal Party of deposed dictator Anastasio Somoza; ginned up criminal charges and imprisonment after kangaroo trials; the disappearances and use of torture in the prisons. The misery the Sandinistas handed out along with their ideology swelled the ranks of the opposition, whom the Left in Nicaragua and everywhere else decried as astro-turf or Sons of the CIA. The power of propaganda – it’s easy to get people to believe what they want to believe and the Left always likes a dictatorship – of the Left.

And now my own country is being treated to the same power-grubbing, people-diminishing government the Sandinistas gave to Nicaraguans, and in Nicaragua itself the now fat Daniel Ortega rules once more and even more successfully. He is extinguishing liberty in Nicaragua to the applause of the world’s Left that now includes our own president and ruling party and the next mayor of New York. We too have a government that does not tolerate political dissension well and is inclined to find excuses to go after perceived enemies of the people, from journalists to proponents of small government and lower taxes and especially those defensive of Constitutional liberties. I just read in The Daily Clash that vendors are being targeted for intimidation for selling t-shirts and other paraphernalia bearing a mock NSA or other federal government symbol along with mocking political commentary. They cite as cause for prosecution some obscure bit of law that was intended to prevent people from falsely presenting themselves as agents of US government agencies, assuming we are too stupid to notice that the charge far outstrips any perceived offense in this case – not to mention that the threat of prosecution is meant clearly to limit First Amendment rights and silence critics. I’d ask where it will all end, but I think I know the answer.  This country has already been tilted so that all the illegals roll into the US as easy as pie, and once in are safely added to the many new millions of uneducated and uninformed and unassimilated future voters (or even current voters) who owe loyalty to the party that got them over the now non-existent border. We are headed for a one-party government every bit as bad as or worse than any one-party government anywhere.  Because the greater the technological capabilities, the more all-encompassing the surveillance and control will be. Aldous Huxley foresaw that in Brave New World, in which the world’s people are regimented and sorted according to utility, and half-wits are drudges kept amused and enslaved with drugs and sex, and government owns you.

I wonder if this inchoate anger that is infusing at least half our country will take shape in a national movement. If it doesn’t, we will have to choke down our sense of indignation at the loss of liberties and learn to “deal with it,” the slogan most loved by this administration. “Get on with it,” “deal with it,” “get out of the way” – all words we’ve heard from those lying lips of Barack Obama.

Another columnist for this publication recently wrote that he would vote Republican because a third party movement is not viable and only ensures opposition victory. At least in 2014, I intend to do the same. It’s worth one more shot. But if the Republicans cannot pull this base together with respect for all parties, rather than diminishing the voice of a huge part of its base, I don’t see the party holding together. A third party would be a virtual certainty. You can’t sustain too many losses in a row before you get written off as loser. And that probably (but not necessarily) means the Dems will dominate at the polls. That possibility could only be averted if the GOP were then to negotiate a power-sharing arrangement with the third party that energized the full center-right grassroots.

But what am I talking about? Everything I just said is actually negated by the single most dominant factor in our political future: the flooding of America will foreigners to create that One Party State the Left fantasizes about. And tragically, we are about to see the Republicans in Congress go down like dominoes in the immigration follies, voting to go to conference to reconcile differing versions. And the Dems have their propaganda campaign all ready to go.

I’m afraid Lady Liberty’s torch is flickering and threatening to sputter out in the high wind that is coming. Goodbye, America. You were a great place to live.