While coverage of enhanced airport security screening has fallen off the media’s radar, the organizer of opposition to what he calls “gate rape” and “virtual strip searches” says the people can still beat back the government’s intrusive new policy.

The “Stop Airport Humiliation Now” campaign is sending at least 1 million individual letters to every current member of Congress, Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano demanding an immediate end of the program. The campaign gives Americans the opportunity to send 537 individual letters of protest, with guaranteed FedEx delivery, for only $29.95, saving time and money during the busy holiday season.

“There was immediate outrage about these enhanced security procedures that simply serve to harass travelers with little hope of stopping terrorists,” said Farah. “But the hue and cry has subsided in the wake of new national security threats, debates about tax cuts and high jobless numbers. I just want to urge Americans to put a stake through the heart of these unconstitutional, warrantless searches at our airports while we have the chance.”

The campaign is based on previously successful campaigns like the famous “pink slips” effort that delivered 9 million such protests earlier this year – letters that warned incumbent members of Congress what was eventually coming on Nov. 2.

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