Who’s seen an episode of “Last Man Standing”?

I recently became aware of this fabulous television sitcom, starring Tim Allen, currently airing on ABC.

While the show is in its third season, due to the joys of the Internet, I am still making my way through Season 2, utterly hooked.

The series is set in Denver and follows Mike Baxter (Tim Allen), a husband, father of three (daughters) and grandfather of one (a boy called Boyd). He is a director of marketing at a major outdoor sporting goods store, and a real man’s man. He is also a gun-loving, competition-appreciating, church-attending, younger-generation disliking, Republican-voting patriot, with a heart for traditional America, and the values of old. Hector Elizondo of Pretty Woman fame plays a great support role to Mike (Allen), playing the character of Ed, Mike’s boss.

With wit and humor, it is a deeply political show, canvassing a smorgasbord of cultural issues, and episodes explore the effects of political correctness on issues such as patriotism, men, women, blacks, education, business, diet and religious faith.

It also looks at more direct issues, such as the pussy-fication of America, single parenting, cultural decay, climate change and even the Obama administration.

Of particular interest are the clashes between Baxter and Ryan, the father of his grandson. Ryan seeks to raise Boyd without patriotism or religion, and bows at the altar of political correctness, is a vegan, and his views on discipline and sensitivity are enough to make any conservative’s blood boil.

Research reveals that Tim Allen is a conservative, which makes him one of the precious few in left Hollywood.

The show is clever in that it is possible for people of both political persuasions to feel that their side is being promoted. But I don’t know. Certainly, I feel as though it is the conservative cause or side of the coin that is being portrayed with the most sympathy, and accurately- as the common sense choice. Some leftists might think it is poking fun at conservatives- and may point to the fact that Allen’s character is almost always outnumbered and the title of the show is “Last Man Standing”.

But I can almost guarantee you that if you are a conservative, you will love the show for its political incorrectness and finally providing some high quality entertainment that expresses our viewpoint and frustrations. I know I do. I have been surprised by how little following this fabulous show has in red America- it is a perfect fit.

Watch it!