Newt Gingrich’s weeklong exit from the Republican presidential primary should hurt his chances of speaking at the GOP convention this summer, some lawmakers say.

When word spread earlier this week that the former House Speaker will drop out of the race on Tuesday, political operatives scratched their heads.

One GOP lawmaker who did not endorse in the presidential primary said that Gingrich’s refusal to quit following Tuesday’s shellacking in five state primaries, was poor form.

“Just give it up. This isn’t even a victory lap. This is like losing the World Series and then deciding to run around the bases. Nobody listens to the second sermon,” said the lawmaker who spoke on background.

He added that Gingrich should be denied an opportunity to speak at the convention if he continues to drag out the race.

“If he were to be a little more constructive in the dialogue, then he could have a role. But this is somebody who could be a very valuable asset to the party and to our nominee but right now, he’s not acting that way,” the member said.

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