The Democrats didn’t have the guts to put forth a budget before the election, didn’t have the guts for the people of this country to find out what they really wanted, what they had in store, so, no, no, no, they wait and they try to, with this omnibus business, dictate a budget for all of next year as a lame duck Congress, and pass it at Christmastime and threaten a shutdown.  That’s another thing.  I know this is just me, but doesn’t it bother you folks that, I don’t know how many people it is, we’re led to believe it’s a lot, that if the government shuts down, somehow people can’t get up and leave the house that day, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, the government shut down?  Oh, my God, what are we gonna do?”  I don’t know how many people there are like that, but they ought to be spanked, a little reality jammed up an orifice here or there.  Gee, government shutdown, hell, that’s like a cruise ship leaving, if you ask me.

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