George Zimmerman wasn’t even white, he was Hispanic. But the media made him white, “white Hispanic,” because his “victim” was black, and the story had to fit into the racist mold of the liberal narrative.

No objections are brooked, no other views allowed, and truth is rarely welcome in this narrative. So when the Zimmerman jury found him not guilty, the media hoped for outrage.

Mostly what it got was a shrug of indifference, punctuated by occasional outbreaks of looting, vandalism, assault and rape.

The race revolution sought by the Left never rose above a crime spree in most cities, and the media quickly muted coverage for fear of undermining its narrative of blacks as victims.

Since the Zimmerman trial, though, there has been a wave of racial attacks, by blacks on whites, and the media, celebrities and politicians who jumped on the Trayvon Martin train are nowhere to be seen.

When three older black teens pummeled and stomped on a white 13-year-old on a school bus because he had reported their drug dealing to school officials, President Obama, himself an admitted former teen drug user,  didn’t interpose himself in the case as he did with the Zimmerman trial.

In Oklahoma, three black teens were charged Tuesday in the fatal shooting of a young white man visiting from Australia as he jogged along the side of the road on Friday. According to officials, the teens were just bored and wanted to see someone die. Where’s the outrage from the media and racebaiters like Al Sharpton?

In Jacksonville, Fla., four young blacks have been charged with killing a white man during a hunt Aug. 6 for a random victim to rob and shoot, according to officials.

A judge has called the actions of a black Seattle man “inexplicable” after he was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at a white man and demanding he apologize for everything white people have done to blacks.

It’s not inexplicable. That fellow has been told throughout his life, from childhood, that he is a victim because he is black, and that he is justified in blaming whites for his personal troubles. So why wouldn’t he go stick a gun in the face of the first convenient white person he finds?

This is the result of the racial games of politicians and the media: entire generations of young blacks who never take responsibility for their own actions and their own lives.

And that’s the end game of the Left’s real racists. Keep blacks in virtual slavery by keeping their minds in a prison of their own making. Keep them weak, keep them dependent and you get to keep your power.

That’s why the Left is silent when blacks commit crimes. Liberals can’t allow blacks to take responsibility because that would be the first step toward real independence.