More noise from the United States of the Offended.

Check it out:

An Hispanic college student named Lorenzo Garcia is being painted by the ever-so-tolerant Left as a “promoter of hate” while they meanwhile call him an “Uncle Tom,” a “traitor to his race,” and make death threats against him, all for merely planning a role-playing exercise to provoke discussion about enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Garcia is having his young life and future virtually ruined, says someone close to him, who is concerned about Google searches of Lorenzo’s name producing results including “racist,” and “race traitor,” just because he intended to stage a mock play about immigration enforcement.

It was supposed to be a political statement in the form of a sort of game of ”tag” at the University of Texas at Austin last week, called “Catch an Illegal Immigrant.” Members of Garcia’s conservative students’ group, Young Conservatives of Texas, would wander around campus wearing T-shirts that said “illegal immigrant,” and whoever “captured” them and brought them to the group’s event sponsorship table would receive a $25 gift card.

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