Dictionaries come and go; meanings change; words are added as
cultures crumble.  There is dire need for one new tome that more
perfectly describes the decay in today’s society – I’ll just call
it the Leftist’s Dictionary.  Now, what in the world would one
include in, or, replace … or rename, in a pub of this kind?
Well, as the mind wanders, it picks up items like a snowball
rolling downhill.  Just retreating ten years seems like a
lifetime in word and culture change.  So, what would this new
dictionary look like?  Let’s start by depicting it as a picture
book.  Aha … mischief afoot?  No, but as education keeps
dumbing down, there may be many who haven’t yet learned to
read…or won’t, and pictures tell it more succinctly.

Starting by describing today’s American Army.  Just a photo of
rainbow helmeted, battle weary, arm-in-arm same sex compatriots.
Just back from a demanding same-sex “wedding.”  Somewhere down
the line – maybe this won’t even be alphabetically arranged – an
explanation, in pictures, of “land grabbing,” showing Russia’s
excursion into Crimea.  American freedom will be displayed by
storm troopers “visiting” the Bundy Ranch, shooting his cattle.
Pro-choice could be worked into this – theirs, not his.  But that
adds to the culture change.  In fact, culture will be mangled by
a photo of a gang of teens with their pants hanging down to about
ankle level.  But, back to pro-choice; need more descriptions of
this one.  Pro-choice is not universal; only a few can have it.
A pro-choice description must show an x’d out Bible along with a
large “welcoming sign” at your friendly local abortion “clinic.”
Did I say something wrong?

Ok, let’s keep this publication as a work in progress.  Justice
has taken on a new meaning lately, so we need a child’s drawing
for this one.  A child removed by school authorities accompanied
by some well-armed local police, for actually drawing a picture
of a GUN!  A further explanation would follow showing him
studying in his back yard for the next three years after his
expulsion.  Of course, this one could also double as “Education,
American Style.”

Next comes politics.  This shouldn’t be at the end of the line
but this is going to be a big, big book.  It may even find its
way into the library, but not freely; it might take up precious
room on the shelf with the recommended latest pornography –
heaven forbid.  Ok, politics involves voting.  Picture
explanations of “America at the Polls” must include the freedom
to vote.  The picture-book explanation for this (no words needed)
would be a delicious photo of the civically-minded Black Panthers
“guarding” your polling place.

The IRS (Internationally Recognized Scam) could be depicted as a
Jimmy Hoffa lead-pipe enterprise … with the expropriated loot
being dribbled down to a Solyndra Taj Mahal.  And, of course,
this description would be severely lacking without an
illustration of 535 pols plus 2, with their hands in other
peoples’ pockets.  Congress … no good explanation for this one.

This new dictionary would, of course, find its place right along
with the Devil’s Dictionary.  But probably more useful.