Wouldn’t want to blame the man himself now would we?
Check it out:

National Journal published a 727-word piece by left-wing journalist Alex Seitz-Wald on Monday blaming psycho mass murderer Adam Lanza for President Barrack Obama’s 40-percent approval rating and general inability to govern or otherwise do his job.

Obama’s agenda “went off the rails,” Seitz-Wald claims, because Lanza “strolled into Sandy Hook Elementary and killed 20 children and six adults.”

“The Connecticut massacre set in motion a cascade of events that led the White House to burn through its only real window to accomplish its goals,” Seitz-Wald explains. “The month before the shooting, Obama had won a convincing reelection and a modest popular mandate. One major liberal wish-list entry, immigration reform, seemed not only within reach but almost inevitable.”

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