Statistics show that the majority of Obama’s supporters are the under-educated in America…those who failed to finish high school, never went to college, may or may not be able to read and write in English, or any language, etc. What does this tell us about his re-election?

Obama has had four years in which to make things better…to provide some of that “change” he was so famous for spewing in 2008, but it has only gotten worse…the unemployment, the economy, the national debt, etc. The majority of poor and/or under-educated do not see the damage to our economy. Why? Because while the hard-working middle class has been struggling to make their house payment, car payment, pay utilities, cell phone bill, buy gas, food, clothing, medicine, pay for medical and car insurance and their OWN medical bills…the majority of the poor are watching TV and waiting on 12:00am to hit at the first of the month so they can pay their “reduced cost” rent, “reduced cost” utilities, car payment, car insurance…um ,let’s see–their food, medical and cell phone are free so I guess that’s just about it…all of which that hard-working middle class family helped pay for while struggling to pay their own debt. Explain to me how that is in any way, shape or form fair? Yes, not all poor are waiting on a hand-out, many do work hard at minimum wage jobs…especially since the unemployment rise has left so many with limited or no options. That goes back to the unemployment rate being among the highest it has been in more than two and a half decades. And quit blaming everything on the ‘other guy.’ Ronald Reagan didn’t go around blaming everything on Jimmy Carter.

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