We should have listened more carefully to Obama for he has nearly completed the task he said he was going to do, fundamentally change (ruin) America. He has consistently told us what he intended to do and we sat around in shocked surprise thinking “he can’t do that, it’s unconstitutional”, when he went ahead and did it anyway and no one on our side, in politics, even brought his actions to the floor for a discussion. We did nothing.


From my Conservative point of view, gridlock looks like a good thing. Our majority in the House, should simply stop legislating, abandon this nonsense of compromise and let us go over the cliff so we can get back to fixing this country all the sooner. It’s going to happen anyway, so why wait just to help the Democrat Party?


Anyway, we all know about Fast and Furious, the criminal action farce by the ATF and DoJ to kill  American’s right to bear arms. That didn’t work so Obama will now sign on with the UN to accomplish the goal, he thinks. We know he abandoned his post over the Libyan Benghazi murders which conspiratorial waters are getting deeper and deeper if not darker. Benghazi has now turned into a sex triangle that eliminated a once hopeful Republican candidate for president. Why do republicans always quit and give up when accused of infidelity while Democrats simply smile, claim “well, everybody does it” (they don’t) and passes it off like a “boy’s will be boy’s” escapade? Republicans spend all their time defending themselves and little time attacking real criminals on the Liberal’s side.


What else has Obama promised us? Well, a civilian police force, an SS or Gestapo type organization, if you like. That would explain the recent purchase of ammunition by FEMA and DHS far beyond their need. That might explain the all but published reports of the first graduating class of Obama’s SS troops from a school near Gettysburg, Pa.. We can now expect high taxes on fossil fuel emissions, an end around for the failed and discredited Cap and Trade scheme. We can expect that Green cronyism is going to continue with what little tax payer money is left to squander on failed projects and pay political debts. Job losses will grow especially with the hidden taxes in the Health Care scheme now being sprung on us, no thanks to the Chief Judas of the Supreme Court.


That means our beautiful countryside will be littered with more stupid windmills that actually cost more to operate than the electricity they produce. There is a new report out now that Obama has signed a water deal with Mexico so they get their “fair share” of the Colorado River. Naturally that means that northern Baja California (Northern Mexico) will become a breadbasket from whence we will be buying our bread instead of growing it ourselves. For all that, a small army of regulators will be swarming our agricultural small farms as well, imposing regulations that forbid individual prosperity through food production, distribution and consumption.


We’re not at all prepared to resist. Not locally anyway. We know what we should do but not how to do it. We’ve lost the discipline for organization and lack the leadership to do it anyway. We expect government to provide our answers even though they can’t and don’t know how. We have now entered the new world of the USSA, the United Socialist States of America. We have no where to run, no America to come to our rescue, no hope of salvation, no great shining city on the hill to hear our appeals. Soon, our parks will be littered with bronze statues of Obama. We can only hope there will be a little windmill on his head. Happy Veteran’s day