The President of the United States is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Unfortunately for the U.S. and the world, the feckless politician currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue could not lead a Boy Scout Troop, much less the world. If you want to see what being the leader of the free world is supposed to look like you will either have to consult a history book or look to another country. Unless you just want to take a trip down memory lane and read about how Reagan, Eisenhower, or Truman led the free world, I recommend you look to Australia for your example. Patriot Update columnist, Nick Adams, recently made the point that Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is the one western leader who talks, walks, and acts like the leader of the free world. Adams is right, and there is much Barack Obama could learn from him.

The greatest threat to the safety and security of the free world is not ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, China, or a re-emergent Russia. The greatest threat to the free world is the weakness, confusion, and disengagement projected by President Obama. The prime time speech he made laying out his half-hearted plan for eliminating ISIS should have eased the minds of no one but ISIS. Translation of the speech: 1) I intend to do just enough about ISIS to keep from being run out office by an angry, frustrated American public, and 2) I intend to string things out long enough to hand the whole mess—a mess I created—over to my successor. It appears that the only contribution that will come from Barack Obama’s presidency will be the resurrection of George W. Bush’s public image. Unlike Obama, Bush is looking pretty good right now.

Since the end of World War II, the free world has been able to rely on the United States to ensure its safety and security. No other nation in the world could project its power to every corner of the globe; control the seas, skies, and space; fight more than one conflict at a time; and, simultaneously, contain the Soviet Union and an emerging China. President John F. Kennedy bungled the Bay of Pigs invasion badly, turning it into an embarrassing fiasco for the United States that encouraged more mischief from the Soviet Union. But having done so, Kennedy went on national television, looked his fellow Americans right in the eye and said: “This is my fault. It won’t happen again.” President Obama bungled the withdrawal from Iraq just as badly as Kennedy bungled the Bay of Pigs invasion, but he has neither the guts nor the honesty to mimic Kennedy’s mea culpa speech, nor does he have the resolve to correct his error the way President Kennedy did with the Cuban missile incident. What we get instead is hollow words from a president who got where he is by using a teleprompter to beguile a gullible public.

Under Barack Obama America has lost its ability to lead on the global stage. We claim that America is still a superpower, but a superpower with impotent leadership is a neutered giant. To put the situation in the simplest of terms, in a fight it does no good to have the biggest gun if you lack the resolve to use it, and Barack Obama is a model of irresolution. He keeps trying to use fluffy words and well-turned phrases to win the hearts and minds of our enemies. When I served in the Marine Corps during the Viet Nam War, we had a saying about winning the hearts and minds of the enemy. It went like this: “When you have the enemy by the _____ his heart and mind will follow.” Someone in his administration who actually has combat experience—if there is anyone—should explain this concept to Barack Obama. You can bet that ISIS, Al Qaeda, Russia, and China understand it. Obama’s answer to every crisis that requires a military response is to go to that bastion of military strength, the United Nations. This is like a kid who is bullied on the playground asking his baby sister to protect him.  

The leader who lacks resolve is no leader at all. Consequently, the free world can no longer look to America for leadership on the global stage. In fact, if the leaders of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Russia, China, and other enemies are smart they will accomplish as much of their nefarious agendas as possible while Barack Obama is still in the White House. What all of this means is that the free world will need to look elsewhere for a leader; someone who is not just in a leadership position, but who is actually a leader. That person might just be Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia.

America has a proud history of sending its citizens abroad to help other nations fight wars against tyrants and dictators, even before the U.S. is engaged in the war in question. American pilots fought alongside the French in World War I (the American Escadrille) and the British in World War II (the RAF) well before the United State entered those wars. American pilots led by Clair Chennault fought against the Japanese in China (the Flying Tigers) well before Pearl Harbor brought the United States into World War II. Now, under Barack Obama, the roles are being reversed. American citizens are going abroad to help terrorists fight against the United States.

With a president in the White House who openly panders to militant Muslims, refers to terrorist attacks on our military personnel as “workplace violence,” and meekly allows our embassy personnel in Benghazi to be slaughtered, ISIS is having a field day recruiting disaffected American citizens to join the Jihad against the west (which, of course, means primarily the United States). Prime Minister Tony Abbott does not intend to see the same thing happen in Australia. This straight talking leader speaks the truth and labels terrorism what it is: “pure evil.” Unlike Barack Obama he does not pander to the Islamic state by calling terrorism “workplace violence.” Rather than apologize for his country and talk about tolerance, Abbott talks about the need “to advance the values of the west.”

On immigration, Abbot is crystal clear in his message: Anyone from another country immigrating to Australia better be prepared to put Australia’s interests, values, and people first. They should also be prepared to learn the language. Anyone who is not so prepared should go somewhere else (like the United States). Further, Abbott is cracking down on disaffected Australians who want to go to Iraq or Syria to fight on the side of ISIS. He has instituted a policy that includes: 1) the immediate arrest and prosecution of any Australian citizen who goes to Iraq or Syria to fight on the side of ISIS; 2) enhanced counter-terrorism security at airports; 3) cancellation of passports for citizens with questionable backgrounds; and 4) refusal to grant passports to citizens who might be security risks. Better yet, Abbott and those who carry it out his policy are not concerned with political correctness. Unlike Barack Obama, Abbott ranks the safety and security of his citizens as a higher priority than concerns over hurting someone’s feelings.

President Obama could learn much from Prime Minister Abbott of Australia, lessons such as these: 1) Take responsibility—the buck stops with you, 2) Don’t waffle and prevaricate—say what you mean and do what you say, 3) Put the safety and security of your fellow citizens above the politically-correct sensitivities of your enemies, and 4) Don’t just talk—act. George W. Bush was not always right, and although the left-leaning media in America tried to portray him as a joke our enemies knew better. He was a president of action not words. His motto might have been I learned in the Marine Corps: When you are in charge, take charge—use words only if absolutely necessary.