Democrat priorities.
Check it out:

On Thursday, radio host Mark Levin reacted to a letter written by Senate Democrats in an attempt to pressure the National Football League to force the Washington Redskins to change their name.

Levin suggests that if the senators want to name a football team, they should buy one:

“The United States Senate, which will not take its foot off the throat of the economy – millions and millions of people who are looking for jobs – the United States Senate, which is useless, if you ask me. Well, fifty of them got together, all Democrats, and, they wrote a letter. Did you know they could write? And they’ve now sent it off, I guess to the league, demanding that the Washington Redskins change the team name.

“I have an idea: If those 50 Democrat senators want to get rid of the name “Redskins,” then why don’t they pony up about a billion and a half dollars and buy the team and change it?”

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