“We’re gonna collapse. We won’t have to worry about the rich…because there’ll be no wealth,” radio host Mark Levin warns about President Obama’s new tax plan to raise $1.6 trillion over ten years.

On his radio program Wednesday, Levin said:

“[President Obama] says he wants to take – and this is his starting point – $1.6 trillion dollars out of the hands of the private sector. And the private sector is what hires and employs most people in this country, and creates wealth in this country. Not Obama.

“$1.6 trillion dollars over 10 years out of the private sector and give it to the government. In addition to the every year, almost $1 trillion dollars in that stimulus bill that just goes on each year. In addition to the increases across the budgets- the nonexistent budgets, but the budgets for the different departments- every single year.

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